Donald Trump: ‘The Haters Are Going Crazy’

President Trump had the audacity to point out that the US under Obama (as well as Bush) has also done a lot of “Killing” around the world.

Now the enemedia and their lefiti-fascist horde of flying monkeys accuse Trump of drawing a “moral equivalence” between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and America. Let’s explore that for a second shall we?

The leftist Media, GOP Neo-Cons & Democrat Reps all joined forces to talk about Putin’s ordering extra-judicial killings of enemies of the Russian State, but somehow don’t seem to be aware of Obama’s doctrine of covert and proxy war and his massive expansion of U.S. special operations forces, Obama’s many mostly undocumented extra-judicial Air Strikes and Drone killings, and a bomb drop every 20 minutes or so on various people in any one of the 138 different countries where US Special Forces were deployed under Obama for the last 8 years.

How come that is?

President Donald Trump reacted to the ongoing hysteria from the media and the left about his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Caitlin Johnstone over at newslogue offers the appropriate response:

Trump is right; America is far from innocent when it comes to killing, even when compared to Putin’s Russia.

The President’s statements (which included a condemnation of the Iraq invasion) were a big, fat dick slap on every single one of these horrible people, [the leftist Media, GOP Neo-Cons & Democrat Reps , ed.] and they needed it. If Donald Trump has a stronger moral compass than you, you need to seriously rethink your life.

If you take every single war that Putin has overseen, either as President or as Prime Minister, and include his extrajudicial killings and assassinations of political rivals, you still get nowhere near the body count of the Bush and Obama administrations. Adding the least conservative estimates of the total death tolls of the Second Chechen War, the Russo-Georgian War, the undeclared warfare in Donbas and elsewhere in Ukraine, the insurgency in the North Caucasus, Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, and a sprinkling of assassinations and disappearances, you get around three hundred thousand deaths. The least conservative estimates of America’s Iraq invasion alone are over a million deaths, which is five percent of the population of the entire country.

That’s more than enough to make my point, but feel free to add in the tens of thousands of killings in Afghanistan, the tens of thousands killed in America’s unforgivable toppling of Gaddafi in Libya, the unknowable number of people killed in Obama’s drone strikes (ten times as many as Bush), and the hundreds of thousands killed in the Syrian conflict, largely due to America’s fanning the flames of insurgency and actively arming terrorist groups with the goal of toppling the Syrian government, and any of the seven countries Obama has dropped tens of thousands of bombs on every year.

Read Caitlin’s excellent article here: Trump is right; America is far from innocent when it comes to killing, even when compared to Putin’s Russia.

Putin’s killing of a few “political rivals” is somehow so much worse than the mass killing done by Obama/Bush for the last fifteen years. Why are a few media and politically connected people’s lives worth so much more than a plain old Iraqi or Syrian citizen who gets mowed down in a US bombing run?

Moral equivalence? Hardly. Sometimes we are the bad guys, and that’s not actually a bad thing.