Happy 1st Anniversary, Sparta Report!

Has it already been a year? Wow!

Sparta Report: Morning Thread: Happy 1st Anniversary, Sparta Report!

Exactly one year ago today was the day of The Purge, a.k.a. the Day Which Shall Live in Infamy. That day, Ed Morrissey and Hot Air changed the tried and true WordPress commenting system at Hot Air to Facebook commenting, thus banishing their most loyal commenters who had inhabited those halls since the salad days of Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston.  If you click the link, especially for you new people, you can start at page 1 and relive the sadness and anguish as we who had been friends for years realized we would probably never talk to each other again after that day.

Fortunately, a few hardy souls hoisted a lifeboat into the water and many hundreds of soaking-wet-but-alive souls clambered aboard. This lifeboat was a private blog called constantinoplenotistanbul.com, which later became hotgas.net, and finally what you see today – Sparta Report.

There are almost too many to name, those intrepid travellers with “the right stuff” who built this site, but I shall endeavor to do them justice:

Sugarbuzz, who constructed most of the wordpress structure that you see today

Blink, who assembled the massive list of emails so that those wandering the wilderness of the web could find their way here

Constantine, who hosted the original domain before it became Hot Gas and Sparta Report

Everlasting Know-It-All, who donated his time to construct our first logo:

Go there and make a comment!


Thanks Sparta Gas Cementers and a big thanks to the Sparta crew. Running a high traffic blog is tough and I for one appreciate all of the effort that it takes!

Shout out to ConstantineXI! Shoot me a dm on twitter sometime!


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