Paul Joseph Watson: MY LAST EVER VIDEO?

This is symptomatic of the continuing assault on free speech by the global corporate uniculture.

Resisting Social Media Censorship is Important

12 Pieces Of Proof: The MSM Knew Obama Spied On Trump and LIED To Cover It Up | Daily Wire

What I am about to present to you is what really happened. All the proof is linked below, but what I’m about to do is what I call “Revealing the Matrix,” showing you the truth backed by incontrovertible fact and the media’s own words. Not my words. Not President Trump’s words. The media’s words. We’re gunna cut through all the code, all the spin, all the fog, all the lies, and all the Coordinated Narratives used by our media to obscure Truth. And we will begin with the beguine …

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Virgil: Like Reagan, Trump Can Bounce Back—and So Can His Agenda

The most important point to make about the failure of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on Friday afternoon is that it’s not the final word on the Trump presidency—much as some in the media might hope that it is.

Yes, The New York Times called the bill’s failure a “humiliating defeat” for the administration, and yes, The Washington Post labeled it “a big embarrassment,” and yes, Politico dubbed it a “staggering setback.”  Without a doubt, many pundits will be clucking, chortling, and end-zone dancing for days and weeks to come.

Yet a look at recent presidential history tells us that such political obituaries are almost always premature; the presidency is a resilient institution.

As White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Friday afternoon, the Trump administration still believes that he has plenty of strength to pursue other priorities, notably, tax reform.

In addition, Virgil remembers the wise words of Ronald Reagan, who had his share of defeats—and more than his share of victories.  Quoting an old Scottish ballad, he liked to say, in tough situations, “We are hurt; we are not slain. We’ll lie us down and rest a bit, and then we’ll fight again.”  That was the optimistic, don’t-let-‘em-get-you-down spirit that made Reagan the effective leader that he was.

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Speaker Paul Ryan Full Press Conference After Pulling Healthcare Reform Bill… | The Last Refuge

After removing the Healthcare reform bill from consideration and a vote in the House of Representatives, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gives a press statement and answers questions about the failure of the Obamacare repeal and replace effort.

Speaker Ryan shares his conversation with President Trump and his recommendation to pull the bill. President Trump agreed with Ryan’s request.

Having defended the ObamaCare legislation, the UniParty House of Representatives can now move forward to the next objective: NOT passing President Trump tax reforms.  This will take them to the biggest objective: NOT passing the seismic President Trump’s budget cuts.

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Update: Meanwhile the fair weather Trump supporters bask in their Pyhrric victory.



Update2: The Conservative Treehouse has a great wrap-up.

My Final Thoughts on The Failed Healthcare Reform… | The Last Refuge

CTH has fought this for years.  The best thing we can do now is to try and assist people with information that will help them make forward decisions.  It isn’t Paul Ryan’s fault and I&#…

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GOP circular firing squad gives a headline gift to the Leftists: TRUMP, GOP LEADERS PULL HEALTH CARE BILL IN HUMILIATING LOSS

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a humiliating setback, President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their “Obamacare” repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly.

It was a stunning defeat for the new president after he had demanded House Republicans vote on the legislation Friday, threatening to leave “Obamacare” in place and move on to other issues if the vote failed. The bill was withdrawn minutes before the vote was to occur.

The president’s gamble failed. Instead Trump, who campaigned as a master deal-maker and claimed that he alone could fix the nation’s health care system, saw his ultimatum rejected by Republican lawmakers who made clear they answer to their own voters, not to the president.

Republicans have spent seven years campaigning against former President Barack Obama’s health care law, and cast dozens of votes to repeal it in full or in part. But when they finally got the chance to pass a repeal bill that actually had a chance to get signed, they couldn’t pull it off.

What happens next is unclear, but the path ahead on other priorities, such as overhauling the tax code, can only grow more daunting.

And Trump is certain to be weakened politically, a big early congressional defeat adding to the continuing inquiries into his presidential campaign’s Russia connections and his unfounded wiretapping allegations against Obama.

Read the entire pathetic Leftist victory dance from AP here: TRUMP, GOP LEADERS PULL HEALTH CARE BILL IN HUMILIATING LOSS

This is the very definition of an “Unforced Error” on the part of the GOP. This is also the unfortunate harbinger of what is to come of every Trump legislative effort in the future.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised that so many Trump supporters are now part of the Trump “Resistance”.

Support the AHCA bill, or you are voting AGAINST President Trump. PERIOD.

The Last Refuge: Healthcare Vote? – Remember, It Wasn’t Republicans That Elected President Trump… | The Last Refuge

Intransigent crony-CONstitutional CONservatives, ie “Freedom Caucus” UniParty members, would do well to remember it wasn’t just Republicans who voted to put President Trump into office, it was also Democrats and Independents.

Those Trump voters who put President Trump into office can just as easily wipe out the crony-CONstitutional CONservatives who previously hid behind their #NeverTrump-ism.

Any vote against the ObamaCare repeal and replacement road map put forth by President Trump, Vice-President Pence, HHS Secretary Tom Price and Speaker Paul Ryan, is a direct vote against the policy agenda of President Donald Trump and his supporters.

We voted for Donald Trump because he wasn’t a political ideologue.  You had the chance to run your political ideologue, Ted Cruz, as a candidate.  You did, and he lost.

Now President Trump, Vice-President Pence, HHS Secretary Tom Price, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have constructed a bill.  Everyone has been allowed at the table, everyone’s input has been considered.   Talk is done.  Support this bill, or you are voting AGAINST President Trump. PERIOD.

No other approach to repealing ObamaCare is possible.  It’s not ideological, it is simply reality.  The back-story on our prior explanations are HERE and expanded HERE.

Most of you already know this outline because you’ve understood the bigger picture.  Hopefully this message will reach the 99% who don’t understand that “reconciliation” doesn’t allow for substantive structural add-ons to ObamaCare, until step #3.  Again, HERE and HERE.

Read the entire article here: Healthcare Vote? – Remember, It Wasn’t Republicans That Elected President Trump… | The Last Refuge

Bannon uses reverse psychology on a congress that hates him and will automatically take the other side. Genius!

From Breitbart: Report: Steve Bannon Says American Health Care Act ‘Written by the Insurance Industry’ – Breitbart

Gabriel Sherman writes that White House chief strategist and former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon has privately expressed concern that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) betrays the populist voters who put Donald Trump in the White House.

From New York Magazine:

The failure to repeal and replace Obamacare would be a stinging defeat for Trump. But it would be an even bigger defeat for Paul Ryan, who has all but staked his Speakership on passing this bill. And in the hall of mirrors that is Washington, the big winner to emerge out of the health-care debacle could be Steve Bannon. That’s because Bannon has been waging war against Ryan for years. For Bannon, Ryan is the embodiment of the “globalist-corporatist” Republican elite. A failed bill would be Bannon’s best chance yet to topple Ryan and advance his nationalist-populist economic agenda.

Publicly, Bannon has been working to help the bill pass. But privately he’s talked it down in recent days. According to a source close to the White House, Bannon said that he’s unhappy with the Ryan bill because it “doesn’t drive down costs” and was “written by the insurance industry.” While the bill strips away many of Obamacare’s provisions, it does not go as far as Bannon would wish to “deconstruct the administrative state” in the realm of health care. Furthermore, Bannon has been distancing himself from the bill to insulate himself from political fallout of it failing. He’s told people that Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn — a West Wing rival — has run point on it. (Bannon did not respond to a request for comment.)

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