Scott Adams: Trump maintains a constructive engagement with the black community, and continues to talk about unity, while his critics call him “dark,”

Scott Adams talks about the President’s first Sate of the Union speech, “Trivial” disagreements with the Trump Doctrine, and returning the “Gold Star Family” favor back to the left.

kellyanne-conway-oval-officeTrump pulled a Khan maneuver. You remember when Clinton invited the Khan family to talk about their fallen hero son while criticizing Trump. Trump fell for that trap by responding to it, which allowed his critics to frame him as disrespectful to a Gold Star family.

Last night, President Trump returned the favor. He wrapped part of his message around honoring a fallen hero. You can’t criticize any part of that without seeming disrespectful. And persuasion-wise, saying Ryan Owen’s memory is “etched into eternity” is one of the great presidential lines of all time. Simple and perfect. And thanks to President Trump’s speech, Ryan Owen’s name is in fact etched into eternity. The President predicted it, then he literally made it happen, right in front of us, without taking the focus off of Ryan. That’s as good as it gets.

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