Donald Trump Comes Out In Support Of The Ryan Alternative to Obamacare

American Thinker: Blog: GOP Obamacare alternative opens to mixed reviews

Republicans on Capitol Hill unveiled their long awaited alternative to Obamacare, repealing most of the bill’s more odious provisions while keeping some popular parts of the original bill.

But the bill faces an uncertain future in Congress.  Conservatives in the House are sharpening their knives to defeat it, while some Senate Republicans are strongly objecting to getting rid of the Medicaid expansion contained in the original Obamacare bill.

What better way to kill the Ryan Health Insurance bill than for President Trump to support it? The media will now go into hyper-drive to present the bill as nothing short of a serial killer on the lose!

I can’t be sure that this is President Trump’s plan, but President Trump is the kind of guy that doesn’t mind looking bad while winning, where most people would rather look good even though losing.