Gateway Pundit: CIA Used iPhones and Samsung TVs to Listen in on Conversations

This just keeps looking worse and worse for the technology that we all use and the so-called “security” of which we all take for granted every day.

Gateway Pundit: Wikileaks Document Drop: CIA Used iPhones and Samsung TVs to Listen in on Conversations

It’s not just the CIA… China loaded Android and Samsung devices with spyware.

According to a FOX Business Network report Chinese manufacturers loaded over 700 million Android devices with spyware.

Software from a Chinese company was found pre-installed in an estimated 700 million Android devices. Pre-installed, meaning it was already on the phone when you bought it.

The spyware was loaded on phones, TV, cars, etc.

The spyware allowed Chinese officials to listen to your phone calls, read all your text messages, steal your family and friends contacts, and even remotely control your devices.

Via Fox Business Network:


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