Art of the Deal: The Obamacare Debacle is Trump’s Way of Massively Increasing His Power Over Congress

Conservatives and Trump supporters need to pray that Trump is following the Art of the Deal and planning on this bill being defeated:

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RyanCare was DOA the minute it lost the support of two Senators. The Dems will not ever cross the isle to support any alternative to the ACA. Rand Paul already called the Ryan Bill DOA and that’s not nothing. These are only the opening first salvos in what is going to be a long and very uncomfortable negotiation to get the government’s tentacles out of the doctor’s office

If the RyanCare bill survives at all, (that’s a big if) it will be heavily modified from it’s current form. What I find most refreshing is the actual transparency of the process. Think back on what anyone knew about what was contained within the ACA.

Between Trump and Ryan, the only one that thought this Bill stood any chance in it’s current form was Ryan.

Trump “supports” Ryan care on the gamble that it can’t possibly pass in it’s current iteration. Due to the unwavering Trump support, Ryan now owes Trump some support in return. Trump also positioned himself in a no-lose situation in that even after announcing “support” of the RyanCare bill he could still veto the thing for any reason. Read Trump’s statement, he left himself several “Outs”.

“Our wonderful new Healthcare Bill is now out for review and negotiation,”

“out for review and negotiation”
Not exactly a ringing endorsement is it?

The result where Ryan does a John Boenner and runs ads against his own side of the house, is an unexpected bonus.

Now however, the result is that Trump isn’t just Ryan’s best friend, he’ll be his only friend.

How Trump engineers situations like this is something we should all be studying and learning.

Trump may completely reverse the “Health Insurance” (not “health care” – that’s way inaccurate) narrative with a tweet or two … maybe even this weekend or next – We should remain patient.

In my opinion adding a clause that allows Health Insurers to participate in competition across state lines is in actuality the only thing that the Ryan Bill needs to have added to make the bill palatable for the Trump base. Despite the hand wringing and worry.

Did anyone really think that “All of the Winning” would come easy? That it would be stress free? That the leftist uniparty would let any of the Trump Doctrine pass without a knock down drag out fight for each and every platform point? If you did then you have another think coming.

I for one maintain trust and confidence.

Keep calm, watch the Washington sharks, gators, crocks, piranha, and snakes fight the creature that is draining the swamp … keeping in mind that the creature, Trumpzilla is the only one there that is on our side.

Observe the Washington swamp dwellers with a jaundiced eye but remember, better than they have tried and failed to stump the Trump!




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