For all of those claiming, “Trump betrayed us!” HORSESHITE !

I’m glad to see this PolAgnostic Op-Ed post on Sparta. Predictions of doom and gloom have been proved otherwise with President Trump over and over. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the ACA repeal & replace debate play out.

As I said previously, if the RyanCare bill survives, (that’s a big if) it will likely be heavily modified from it’s current form. What I find most refreshing is the actual transparency of the process. Think back on what anyone knew about what was contained within Obamacare/ACA when SanFranNan was ramming it through the House.

In fact the theatrics of Rand’s copy machine and the search for the bill seemed to me to have some Trumpian influence in and of itself. Though I’m certain that the Ryan bill would have been heavily debated regardless.

Without further ado …

D.C. Politics – Making Sausage While Running A Marathon – Sparta Report

In the last 96 hours there has been a good deal angst and rhetoric expended about the American Health Care Act proposed by the Republican Congressional leadership. My outlook is there is a good deal I don’t like in the proposed Part 1. Like many people, I would prefer every aspect of Obamacare to be swept away by a clean repeal bill. I would prefer a package that did sensible basics (i.e. selling insurance across state lines) and rewarded innovation designed to bend the cost curve downwards. The reality of American politics, however, is that it is and always has been an exercise in making sausage while running a marathon.

You’ve all heard the comparison to making sausage many times before but how long has it been since we’ve had the Congress operating under what is considered the “normal order”?
The answer is it has been over eight years. The financial crisis kicked off in September 2008. The last LEGAL budget (e.g. done according to the requirements of the law) was passed in 2009 and signed by Obama on March 11, 2009. Even the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (which can also be referred to as the Give Money to Democratic States bill to keep the government employees/unions fully funded) had been pushed through and signed by February 17, 2009. Everything done since then has been by Continuing Resolutions and one-off pieces of legislation put together by Congressional leadership of the UniParty in backroom deals with Obama.

You haven’t been represented by 535 elected Federal officials in the intervening 8 years – you’ve been governed by less than a dozen. Obama isn’t the only one who has trampled on the Constitution – so have the Congressional leadership of the UniParty which trampled on their legal duties in order to insure what THEY wanted is what came to pass.

For all of those claiming, “Trump betrayed us!”

H O R S E S H I T E !

If Trump wanted to betray you all he had to do was take the oath of office and then “bend to HIS will” the traitors by letting them keep doing what they have been doing.

Under the Constitution, Trump is required to WORK with those traitors because they still hold on to THEIR levers of power. What President Trump has been doing AS WELL is getting the Sausage Factory back into the game. Senator Manchin of West Virginia (D) was quoted this week as saying, “I’ve talked to President Trump more since January 20th than I talked to Obama in eight years.”

Some of you have been citing the fact President Trump has spent the last four days talking to members of Congress about the AHCA as proof, “Trump betrayed us!”

H O R S E S H I T E !

Somehow you’ve managed to MISS those members of Congress saying, “President Trump and his people have been more than willing to listen to us about our concerns and HOW they can be addressed.”

Sounds like good old fashioned sausage making to me.

I am not telling you there is no room to complain if you are unhappy – if you are though, you should be burning up the phone lines into D.C. and into the local offices of your duly elected Federal representatives – including Trump. Rattling the cages of elected officials is the “Nut Up” part referenced above. It is what YOU are supposed to do as your part in the sausage making. If you can get them rattled enough to do the things you want to see them do – God Bless You

Read the whole thing! D.C. Politics – Making Sausage While Running A Marathon – Sparta Report

Ryan may be more on-board with President Trump these days than he lets on. (one can hope). Ryan may be playing the part of the “Good Cop” to counter Trump’s “Bad Cop”. The idea is to get what we want from the gaggle of perps that make up the Senate and Congress.


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