Twitter’s censorship may be unconstitutional | Washington Examiner

I got Twitter censored today. I was responding to trolls on Trumps tweets today and said nothing bad to any of them … at least not bad when compared to the filthy insults and borderline pornographic twitter nastiness directed at President Trump that I was replying to … and after about a dozen replies a few mutes and some blocks to the anti-Trump tweeters, all of a sudden I get an account suspended message for ME!

Does Milo Yiannopoulos have a constitutional right to tweet? Most Americans know they can speak their mind in the public square, thanks to the First Amendment. Speech on social media, however, can be censored because private companies own those cyber spaces. But a recent Supreme Court oral argument suggests Twitter’s practice of banning controversial right-wing pundits could be deemed illegal.

Source: Twitter’s censorship may be unconstitutional | Washington Examiner

I’m not sure I will continue to use twitter. I would have quit them already if not for President Trump using it. But I can get his stuff on FaceBook, so twitter is actually a redundant app.