H-1B Visa Architect:  shocked, SHOCKED, to find that the program was ‘Hijacked’ to ‘Displace Americans’


H1b workers seldom have actual real-world skills or experience, only foreign “credentials” that aren’t worth the sheepskin upon they are printed. But they work cheap, and don’t make much trouble because anything is better than the third world crap-hole and police state from which they came from. It’s simply the 20th century version of Indentured Servitude.

Former Rep. Bruce Morrison (D-Conn.) said the 1990 H-1B visa program he helped craft has been “hijacked” to routinely replace American workers with cheaper foreign labor. He made his comments during a special that aired Sunday on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.”

CBS Evening News journalist Bill Whitaker explored the controversy surrounding the H-1B visa program that allows American corporations to hire foreign workers. Morrison insisted the bill he helped create was intended to help companies fill scientific jobs with difficult-to-find qualified candidates. He accused companies of shamelessly outsourcing thousands of jobs to younger, cheaper and temporary foreign workers through a loophole that allows companies to hire the foreign workers for jobs paying over $60,000.

“I’m outraged. The H-1B has been hijacked as the main highway to bring people from abroad and displace Americans,” Morrison told Whitaker. “It’s really a travesty that should never have been allowed to happen.”

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Who could have seen that coming? H-1B is a Globalist cheap labor & wage suppression stealth corporate welfare double whammy!