GOP circular firing squad gives a headline gift to the Leftists: TRUMP, GOP LEADERS PULL HEALTH CARE BILL IN HUMILIATING LOSS

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a humiliating setback, President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their “Obamacare” repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly.

It was a stunning defeat for the new president after he had demanded House Republicans vote on the legislation Friday, threatening to leave “Obamacare” in place and move on to other issues if the vote failed. The bill was withdrawn minutes before the vote was to occur.

The president’s gamble failed. Instead Trump, who campaigned as a master deal-maker and claimed that he alone could fix the nation’s health care system, saw his ultimatum rejected by Republican lawmakers who made clear they answer to their own voters, not to the president.

Republicans have spent seven years campaigning against former President Barack Obama’s health care law, and cast dozens of votes to repeal it in full or in part. But when they finally got the chance to pass a repeal bill that actually had a chance to get signed, they couldn’t pull it off.

What happens next is unclear, but the path ahead on other priorities, such as overhauling the tax code, can only grow more daunting.

And Trump is certain to be weakened politically, a big early congressional defeat adding to the continuing inquiries into his presidential campaign’s Russia connections and his unfounded wiretapping allegations against Obama.

Read the entire pathetic Leftist victory dance from AP here: TRUMP, GOP LEADERS PULL HEALTH CARE BILL IN HUMILIATING LOSS

This is the very definition of an “Unforced Error” on the part of the GOP. This is also the unfortunate harbinger of what is to come of every Trump legislative effort in the future.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised that so many Trump supporters are now part of the Trump “Resistance”.