Virgil: Like Reagan, Trump Can Bounce Back—and So Can His Agenda

The most important point to make about the failure of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on Friday afternoon is that it’s not the final word on the Trump presidency—much as some in the media might hope that it is.

Yes, The New York Times called the bill’s failure a “humiliating defeat” for the administration, and yes, The Washington Post labeled it “a big embarrassment,” and yes, Politico dubbed it a “staggering setback.”  Without a doubt, many pundits will be clucking, chortling, and end-zone dancing for days and weeks to come.

Yet a look at recent presidential history tells us that such political obituaries are almost always premature; the presidency is a resilient institution.

As White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Friday afternoon, the Trump administration still believes that he has plenty of strength to pursue other priorities, notably, tax reform.

In addition, Virgil remembers the wise words of Ronald Reagan, who had his share of defeats—and more than his share of victories.  Quoting an old Scottish ballad, he liked to say, in tough situations, “We are hurt; we are not slain. We’ll lie us down and rest a bit, and then we’ll fight again.”  That was the optimistic, don’t-let-‘em-get-you-down spirit that made Reagan the effective leader that he was.

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