Nifty reddit post: These four sites connect you to a wealth of knowledge and learning. 


The democratization of higher education continues. What exactly do college students get from college that you can’t find for free on the Internet? Besides beer.

As the title says, I refer to these sites when I have downtime at work or when I’m bored. I’ve managed to pick up a few new skills (for work and for fun). Here are the sites and a quick word on what I use them for.

OpenCourser. Good for finding an online course to take, more for in-depth learning + building professional skills.

NoExcuseList. Great for discovering new learning websites. Neatly categorized into sections (like cooking, music).

KhanAcademy. (Re-)Learn pretty much every subject taught in K-12. Edit: Also great for college-level math and exam prep (SAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc).

StackExchange. Get answers from people who are super knowledgeable about all sorts of different things.

I’ll put these links on the blogroll later.