Things young adults don’t believe: Burglars read your Social Media to see when you’re away

Keep your home safe when you travel.

Note to social media users: When you share your whereabouts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or what have you, it may not be just your friends who are paying attention. If you let it be known that you are away on that fabulous holiday in Mexico, Hawaii, or the South of France, you may be doing more than inspiring envy among your friends and followers. There may be lurking among them people whose only interest in your holiday is the distance it takes you away from your home and for how long.

Read the whole article here: Yes, Burglars Read Your Social Media When You’re Away

At home, we talk to the young folks in our family all the time about sharing way too much information when it comes to times when their home will be unattended.

The youngsters listen to us … about as well as we listened to older folks when we were at that young age.


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