Prediction: Susan Rice spied on more than just the Trump campaign, it’s probable (likely even) that Bush, Cruz and Sanders were also monitored

Barack-Obama-and-Susan-Rice-1200x630Susan Rice, Obama’s Hatchet Woman, Proves Lord Acton Right Again

‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’

Read Roger Simon’s excellent column about the Rice scandal here: Susan Rice, Obama’s Hatchet Woman, Proves Lord Acton Right Again | Roger L. Simon

Judging by past performance, we can intuit that there is no way that the Obama administration limited itself to only spying on Trump and his campaign.

Looking back at some of the charges that were leveled at the various campaigns over the presidential campaign season it becomes ever more clear that there was a vast amount of information that was collected and disseminated throughout the entire time. The information was then shared with enough government operatives that it virtually guaranteed that it would be leaked to the media.

There is no telling how widespread this surveillance was, but hindsight being 20/20 it now seems quite apparent that this East German political methodology was executed by the Obama administration (and by extension the Clinton campaign) upon a number of candidates, and their operatives.


KJ at Sparta Report: Liberal Fascism: From Bengazigate to Obamagate, Dr. Susan Rice Kissed…Well, You Know…and Took Names For Her President – Sparta Report

How far would those involved in a Liberal Fascist Government go in order to secure the Presidency for their Political Party’s Presidential Candidate? Adam Housely of Fox News reported

Read KJ’s article. you wont regret it.

Lolo commented at Sparta Report with a good question:

“More so than the possible spying on other candidates in the 2016 race, I’m interested in spying done in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Why should I believe this idea was new?”

Judging by the well worn entrance to the rabbit hole, there’s no telling how far down it goes or how many rabbits there are in there…