Comcast Rolls Out Xfinity Mobile Cellphone Service To Existing Customers

In telecom circles, Comcast’s plans and efforts to wade into the mobile market go back years. On Thursday, the company finally revealed the specifics of what its new service will look like.

Comcast is calling its cellphone program Xfinity Mobile, expected to launch in the next few weeks. Its target audience is existing Comcast customers — the company hopes they’ll be drawn by the savings from adding mobile service to a home Internet service or bigger bundles.

Source: Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile Cellphone Service Targets Existing Customers : The Two-Way : NPR

When they offer service with just a SIM (rather than requiring the customer to purchase a phone) I will give this a try. My Microsoft Lumia 950 XL has dual SIM slots so I can start off using Xfinity Mobile on a trial basis before committing 100% to “the cable guy” for my mobile service.