In Bipartisan Vote Senate NUKES Cloture Vote Rule for Presidential SCOTUS Nominee

“I really can’t take all the WINNING. It’s too much!!! Please President Trump give us just one day off from the winning just ONE!!!”

Said no Trump supporter ever!

From Sparta Report: BREAKING NEWS: Senate NUKES Cloture Vote Rule for Presidential SCOTUS Nominees UPDATE: Democratic Senators Donnelly, Heitkamp, & Manchin vote FOR Nuclear Option – 

The Senate has just invoked the “nuclear option” doing away with the Cloture Vote requirement of 60 votes to suspend discussion and allows a simple majority vote of 51 Senators for the confirmation of Presidential SCOTUS nominees.


This is how it will go for the Democrat party for the next eight years at least.

In May Obama-Care truly does implode (due to the  pending Appellate court case being dropped by the Trump administration – why would the President want to appeal the funding ruling anyway?). Trump will get a Bipartisan Vote for the new plan in both the Senate as well as the House.

The times, they are a changing!


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