Trump did precisely what Obama should have done after his famous Syrian “red line”

I see the closet anti-Trumpers are now outing themselves all over the Internet. Those people only ever supported President Trump for the Web Clicks, book sales (that would be you Coulter), Radio Ratings (I’m looking at you Savage) and potential face-time on TV or Youtube, and so they can ALL be safely ignored at this point. (I may even block them all on Twitter along with the anti-Trump idiots that post nasty responses to Trumps Twitter feed that I always insta-block)

Trump is “doing precisely what Obama should have done after his famous red line” says Roger Simon in his excellent analysis here: Trump Schools Obama and Democrats with Attack on Assad | Roger L. Simon

Keep in mind that the so very trustworthy Susan Rice said way back in January that “We were able to get the Syrian Government to voluntarily and verifiably give up chemical weapons.”

Yea … apparently not so much.

The trump Syrian action is a multifaceted strategic victory for President Trump for a great number of reasons.

President Trump showed great restraint in only destroying the Syrian air base from which Assad’s forces attacked his own population. Trump only destroyed “hardware” for the most part and kept actual casualties to a minimum.

It actually didn’t matter whether or not the “gassing” was a false flag or not since removing the air strike capability of the Syrians also removes the cover under which a “false flag” gas attack could be claimed.

No one really expected so swift and severe a response from President Trump. Now the leaders of the world have been put on notice that Trump means business. Click this Daily Mail posting for a lot of photos and video of the aftermath.

The President was having a nice dinner with the President of China Xi Jinping, who had Zero clue that, as they were enjoying some fine dining at Mar-a-Lago, the missiles were already flying. China’s Xi Jinping now knows that Trump’s position on the North Koreans is not rhetoric. We’ve had rhetoric for eight years, and those days are OVER. China also now knows that President Trump is not going to telegraph his military moves. Those days are also OVER.

KJ at Sparta adds that the strikes accomplished several more things:

It provided proof that President Trump is not Islamophobic. The innocent Syrians whom he stood up for, are, most definitely, Muslim.

About that whole “Russian Collusion” Fable…Assad is Russia’s puppet. The Russian Government is most definitely not happy with President Trump’s military action against their “friend”, Assad.

It sent a clear message to Assad, that there is a new “sheriff” in town. No more children’s games of “drawing a redline in the sand” and daring Assad to cross over it. The Grown-ups are in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., now.

Additionally President Trump’s strikes provide an effective first step toward containing Iran

I’ll have more to post on this later. Now I need to get back to work!

Update via Brietbart: Trump’s Syria Attack: The Strategic Consequences – Breitbart

President Donald Trump’s decision to fire dozens of Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base Thursday evening, in response to the Assad regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians, was the commander-in-chief’s first major foray into war.While the next steps remain unclear, several strategic and political consequences are already apparent.

Read the rest here

Update2: Politifact quietly rewrites their Fake-Check

There is a lot about Obama administration foreign policy that needs urgently to be revisited. The sarin gas attacks in Syria have prompted the left-wing hacks at PolitiFact to take a look back and set the record straight. This particular episode stars the former Obama administration Secretary of State (and former Democratic presidential nominee for whom CBS News blew its credibility in 2004), but by all rights Barack Obama himself deserves most of the discredit. Beyond that, I’d like to let this one speak for itself.Politifact has retracted this 2014 fact-check… for obvious reasons.— Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) April 6, 2017

Source: Never true and mostly stupid | Power Line