Sean Spicer should never have apologized for Hitler comparison

Sean’s mistake wasn’t his phrasing, it was allowing the Media jackals to change the meaning of his statement.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday apologized again for downplaying Adolf Hitler’s use of chemical weapons against Jews.

Source: Sean Spicer apologizes for Hitler comparison – Business Insider

Spicy should not have apologized.

His response should have been along the lines of “Ok, Assad isn’t worse than Hitler with the gassing, rather Assad is “Just like Hitler”.

That would have been the better way to go.

Why haven’t Trump’s staff learned this one basic lesson from the man himself?

Never apologize.

Always own the negative.

But no matter what Sean Spicer has performed a Trump style media Troll …. here’s how:

Spicy said an obviously “true thing” which the media is predictably going to have a knee jerk reaction to, and then will deliberately misinterpret as always, but which gets the editorial media and the chattering class on social media talking about it.

In this instance everyone is now talking about Assad as compared to the Nazi of Nazis Adolf Hitler. Everyone is now debating Assad’s chemical weapon deployment as compared to The Holocaust.

All of this discussion makes this point repeatedly across the entire spectrum of media and social networks. All of which puts “critics” of Trump’s Syria action at a great rhetorical disadvantage, because who is going to defend Assad’s attacking of civilians in a way that is “Just like Hitler”?

This is how Trump won the GOP nomination, won the presidency, is winning the hearts and minds of the american people, and eventually will win over the entire world … he engineers situations where, whatever the outcome, he wins in some way.



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