When you can’t tell Antifa from ISIS, you know Donald Trump is the right person for President


Sparta talks about: The Horrific, Tyrannical Fascism of the Antifa – Sparta Report

The situation, which we as a nation, find ourselves in today, is one which our Founding Fathers sought valiantly to avoid.

Thanks to 8 years of an Imperious Presidency, we are suffering under a “Tyranny of the Minority”.

This minority is not based on color, rather, it is one based on political ideology and self-interest.

Read KJ’s excellent article here:  The Horrific, Tyrannical Fascism of the Antifa

Pro-Trump marchers at “The battle of Berkeley” were told by the police that they would be “Protected” during their demonstration but the marchers would need to be “disarmed” … no pepper spray, sticks armor or “fighting equipment”.

Then once the Antifa morons began beating the, now disarmed and defenseless, Pro Trump demonstrators, the police bravely and impressively “stood down” and remained seated in the police vehicles watching the beatings take place.

The whole episode reminds me of this song:

Funny but not funny.


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