Trump Approves Arming Kurds in Defiance of Turkey |

In this 2015 file photo provided by the Kurdish fighters of the People's Protection Units, YPG fighters flash victory signs on their way to battle the Islamic State in northeast Syria. YPG via AP

The Kurds found out the hard way why no one should trust presidents named Bush. Had GHWB only armed and supported the only true Iraqi US ally against Turkey and Iran back in ’06, we would have a stable Iraq equipped with bases for every branch of US military to this day. But GHWB didn’t have the minerals to poke Turkey in the eye, mostly because George wanted to best serve EU interests. Obama never had interest in anybody that was going to truly fight ISIS.

From Trump Approves Arming Kurds in Defiance of Turkey |

President Donald Trump has brushed aside the vehement complaints of NATO ally Turkey and authorized U.S. forces in Syria to arm the Kurdish YPG group leading the drive on the ISIS capital of Raqqa, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Trump signed off Monday on arming the YPG, or People’s Protection Units, which are part of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, “as necessary to ensure a clear victory over the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Raqqa,” Dana White, chief Pentagon spokesperson, said in a statement.

Until now, the Defense Department had admitted only to supplying weapons to the Syrian Arab Coalition element of the SDF.

“We are keenly aware of the security concerns of our coalition partner Turkey,” White said. “We want to reassure the people and government of Turkey that the U.S. is committed to preventing additional security risks and protecting our NATO ally.”

Once again Trump proves to have more global strategic savvy than any other world leader … bar none.