Worth a read: In Firing Comey, Trump Shows He’s Afraid of No One



American Thinker Blog: In Firing Comey, Trump Shows He’s Afraid of No One

Say you’re a terrorist out there, plotting your next massacre, as ISIS does. Or a malevolent and unpredictable dictator, contemplating another illegal missile launch over Japan, such as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Imagine you’re a power player yourself, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Imagine you’re a crazed failure running out of money as the mobs build, such as Chavista Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro.

What do you think when President Trump fires ‘the most powerful man in Washington?’

And not just fires him, but does it in the coldest possible way — publicly, through the television screens, as Comey bizarrely laughed, convinced he was unfireable, just as he began to make a speech in Los Angeles. It was an artful use of the media, of which Trump has a masterly understanding. “You are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately,” Trump’s letter read, released soon after the laugh.

You’re not going to mess with that man.