Media braying, cackling and howling over Comey’s Firing like a rabid pack of Hyena

hillary comey

From Sparta: The Comey Canning and the Liberal Temper Tantrum: When You Wish Upon a “Czar” – Sparta Report

As you all probably know by now, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday afternoon.

It was about cotton-pickin’ time.

Comey always struck me as being a bureaucrat who played both sides against each other, while doing his best to protect his Seat of Power.

From his appearances before Congress to his announcement that he was letting the Queen of Mean, Hillary Clinton off the hook, there was something about the guy that just did not sit right with me.

He sounded more like a Professional Politician than a Lawman to me.

Now that the left has been thrown some red meat over which they will spend days in a feeding frenzy – braying, cackling and howling over this week’s “scandal Du Jour” like a rabid pack of Hyena:

Keep an eye on those boring White house and c-span websites to see all the boring POTUS meeting, signing and ordering that goes on for the next few days. The whole time the media will be singing it’s newest song to itself and the general TV watching public.

This weeks Media song is entitled “The sweet sound of Nixon”. While those of us who watch are still only hearing the steady drumbeat of “Draining the Swamp” and the lyrics of “The Snake”.