Only 36 Percent of Indian Software Engineers Can Write Useful Code

The H1B program is about keeping labor costs down. Most corporate management are not engineers and don’t know the difference between good clean code and bad spaghetti code, as long as it “works”.

Report: Only 36 Percent of Indian Software Engineers Can Write Useful Code

A new report states that only 36 percent of Indian software engineers can write working, compilable code based on a test used to automatically grade programming skills.

The report was published by Aspiring Minds, an Indian skills assessment company, which based their report on a sample of 36,800 people from more than 500 colleges across India. The company used an automated tool called Automata to perform the study. Automata is a 60-minute test that is taken in a compiler integrated environment that rates candidates on a number of levels including programming ability, programming practices, run-time complexity, and test case coverage. Candidates in the test were made up of 61.1 percent male candidates and 38.9 percent female candidates, coming from cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Read it all here: Report: Only 36 Percent of Indian Software Engineers Can Write Useful Code – Breitbart

The full report from Aspiring Minds can be found here.

The truth is that the H1b visa program has been bastardized into an IT wage suppression system.

The H1-B Visa’s intended purpose is to allow smart people with specialized skills to come to the USA. Unfortunately the program has been abused to allow people with ordinary, common skills to be brought into the country at market-skewing low wages.

Big tech and data companies keep saying that there’s a shortage of “Qualified” engineers in the US. A claim which this study shows to also be an out and out lie.


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