Kurt Schlichter gives Trump an A+ simply for not being Felonia von Pantsuit


Kurt Schlichter pens a very funny and very true article at townhall.com: Donald Trump Has Done An Amazing Job At His Most Important Job

Looking at it objectively, as a guy who opposed Trump until he dispatched Ted Cruz, I have to consider all the facts and ponder the evidence carefully before awarding Donald Trump the grade of A+.

He has done an incredible job of doing exactly what I had hoped he would do in the off chance he defeated that naggy harridan and her corps of gender indeterminate hipsters, coastal snobs, race hustlers, aspiring libfascists, media scum, and wussy pseudo-conservatives terrified that a Hillary loss would mean people might expect them to do more than wear bow ties and go on NPR to prattle about Burke in their high-pitched, nasal voices.

There can be no serious debate. Donald Trump has done a truly outstanding job of not being Hillary Clinton.

Read the entire hilarious article here: Donald Trump Has Done An Amazing Job At His Most Important Job – Kurt Schlichter

Hat Tip: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.



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