This seems Important, so why is there nothing in my Main Stream “News Feed” this morning? Kim Dotcom: ‘I Knew Seth Rich. I Know He Was the Wikileaks Source’

“I was involved.”

Source: Kim Dotcom Claims He Knew Seth Rich

Infamous internet entrepreneur/hacker Kim Dotcom has offered to give the United States Congress “written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was Wikileaks source” — if Congress agrees to include the Seth Rich case in their Russia probe.

Seth Rich is the Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down in Northwest D.C. near his home last July. Police have called it a “botched robbery,” but — curiously — nothing was stolen from him, including “his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch or necklace worth about $2,000.”

Some random thoughts from various commentators:

Here’s to hoping that special counsel Robert Mueller will look into this.

Kim Dotcom is at least a named source going on the record. That makes his testimony 100% more credible than anything broadcast by the news media.