Good read: Death of the ‘impeach Trump’ movement

Trump’s triumphal romp through Saudi Arabia
Trump’s triumphal romp through Saudi Arabia

BARRY FARBER: Death of the ‘impeach Trump’ movement

Separate me, please, from those scribes who try to pretend their work is all shrewd analysis marinated in the astringent juices of their own genius. Cut it out! We’re all just guessing.

And here are the rules for this great profession of “guessing.” If you’re a good guesser, you’re allowed to keep on guessing. If you guess wrong about something big, you’ve got to quit guessing for a while, something like sitting in the penalty box in hockey. In this space you may have read that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination when there were 16 others in the running. Later you may have read right here that Trump would win the election. So, leave me alone. I’m allowed to guess again!

You know there’s been talk, fearsome talk, about a new American civil war. We’ve already had that new civil war. And Trump is the winner.

It’s true what they say about Trump Derangement Syndrome. The mask is off. The Democrats don’t give a gnat’s kidney about pre-existing conditions or immigration or sanctuary cities. They’re still recoiling from Trumpogenic election-night trauma, and they want American life to return to “normal,” meaning Trump apologizes for his effrontery and goes back full-time into real estate and Hillary becomes president. Nothing short of that will do, but they’re just beginning to see and sense that they’re not going to achieve that absurd goal.

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