WINNING : Haven’t Seen this Much Regulation Slashing Since Reagan!

While the media, the democrats, and the never-Trump RINOs all play games in the senate hearings, President Trump keeps accelerating the draining of the Washington swamp.

Via TruthFeed: WINNING : Haven’t Seen this Much Regulation Slashing Since Reagan! – TruthFeed

If we want the economy to roar and job, job, jobs to come rolling back we need to GUT all the Obama-era regulations and free up small businesses to succeed.

They are the backbone of our economy and Obama all but destroyed them with his clueless approach to the U.S. economy.

He was, after all, a “community organizer” prior to being elected.

On the other hand, President Trump has a keen understanding of how the economy works and what needs to be done to make it SOAR, which is why he’s cutting regulations in a YUGE WAY.

We haven’t seen this much regulation slashing since Ronald Reagan was in office.

Thank you, President Trump!

Regulatory power is the only actual “power” that the Deep State truly possesses, and while the hordes of unionized government employee sharks are busy attempting to take a bite out of President Trumpzilla in dog and pony show Senate hearings, the peoples monster is happily destroying the very foundations of the bureaucracy’s power.