The New York Times can’t be serious: Comey sounds sexually harassed by President Trump

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They can’t possibly be serious … Yet here is this “flaming paper bag of dog doo” article sitting on the NYT website, waiting for some idiot to stomp on it and end up covered with the flaming bag’s contents.

NYTimes: In Comey’s Testimony, Some See Parallels to Sexual Harassment Victims

For some people who watched James B. Comey’s Senate testimony on Thursday, the questions that Mr. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, faced and the situations he described brought to mind a seemingly unrelated topic: sexual harassment.

Sparta Report’s hot take:: Did Donald Trump SEXUALLY ABUSE Comey?! | Sparta Report

Every time I think the New York Times has hit rock bottom, they reach for the dynamite and just keep blasting away.

I’m trying to work up some outrage, but I can’t seem to wipe the smile of unbridled amusement, out loud laughter and derisive mockery from my face.

This video seems even funnier now …