What the Congressional Baseball Assassination Attempt Truly Was: The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat

The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat | The American Spectator

Throughout history, grandiose visions of world-altering consequences have motivated political assassins. Gavril Princip’s June 1914 rendezvous with Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo is a horrifying example.

Despite the historical track record, until James T. Hodgkinson’s June 2017 criminal assault on a Virginia baseball diamond, a chilling congressional coup d’état scenario which alters history in these United States would be little more than an edgy plot-line in a paperback thriller. In the Hollywood movie version there is a one hundred percent certainty right wing activists would be the monsters who attempted the coup.

Unfortunately, the scenario is no longer over the edge. Whether intended or unintended, a change in control of the House of Representatives could well have been a consequence of Hodgkinson’s crime.

Calculating the number of congressional Republicans hard left terrorist James T. Hodgkinson could have murdered on his baseball diamond battlefield reveals a megalomaniacal political scheme that may have inspired his savage assault: a history-altering Capitol Hill coup d’état within the electoral system.

Farfetched? Simple and truly fascist bloodbath math makes the case that Hodgkinson’s crime could have created political circumstances where Democrats might gain control of the House of Representatives.

As strategists say, that shift in power would “set conditions” for impeaching President Donald Trump, a man Hodgkinson hated and whose election and administration Hodgkinson and millions of his fellow Democrats believe to be illegal and illegitimate.

I am not attempting to read the assassin’s mind. But we know he intended to massacre Republicans, which tells us a lot about his mindset and his motives. We also know he committed the crime.

Now examine the Republican baseball team roster from the perspective of an angry, outraged hard-left Bernie Sanders progressive who for the last eight months has absorbed an acid hot media-political narrative ritually vilifying Trump. Mainstream media headlines and the rhetoric of Democrat leaders persistently arouse and incite the Democrat Party base, claiming Trump is a traitor, his administration is illegitimate and that evil Republicans are plotting to repeal Obamacare so they can kill senior citizens. Why, Paul Ryan still wants to push old ladies off a cliff!

After examining the baseball roster, count the current number of Republicans and Democrats serving on Capitol Hill.

Seventeen Republican congressional representatives and two senators remained on the baseball practice field when Hodgkinson launched his one-man Red Army assault. Three Congressmen, Representatives Tom Rooney, Mark Walker, and Bill Johnson had just left.

Call it luck, call it grace, but another 12 team members (and elected officials) missed the practice.

Though New Math scholars may arrive at a different answer, classic 1 + 1 = 2 addition says Hodgkinson could have killed 32 Republican members of the House and two Senators.

The current GOP-Dem breakdown in the House is 239 Rs to 194 Ds. The Senate is 52 Rs and 48 Ds.

If the following strikes you as brutally cold remember Hodgkinson was a terrorist intent on cold blooded mass slaughter. Killing 32 Republican members of the House reduces the Republicans to 207 seats. That means the nation must conduct 32 special elections. That means the Resistance (which includes Hillary Clinton) has 32 opportunities to seize a Republican seat in a special election

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