I suspect that British leftists have been wheeling Stephen Hawking around like a prop, and writing a bunch of leftist drivel in his name.

Via The Sun: Stephen Hawking fears Trump could ‘push Earth over the brink’ and start chain reaction which wipes out humanity

British professor fears global warming will cause temperatures to skyrocket beyond boiling point and sulphuric acid to rain from the sky

Stephen Hawking fears Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement could be the “tipping point” which wipes out humanity and turns our planet into a living hell.

The British professor is worried that The Donald’s rejection of this plan to combat global warming could cause irreversible changes which doom our planet to a grim fate.

Sorry, but at this point I doubt that anything published under Hawking’s name for at least the last decade was actually written by him.

When they started driving his wheelchair around on Hollywood sound-stages for laughs, it became very apparent that Hawking no longer possess all of his mental faculties.