Rand Paul: The Senate GOP is Going to Keep Obamacare | Sparta Report

As I talked about before, Obamacare will go into a death spiral on August 22 by the U.S. District Court if the Trump administration chooses not to continue the Obama administration’s appeal in court to preserve cost-premium subsidies that were ruled illegal last year.


On May 12, 2016, U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ruled House v. Burwell that the Obama Administration’s payment of cost-sharing subsidies without congressional approval was a violation of the Constitution’s Appropriations Clause.

The Obama administration appealed the case to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia District, where it was renamed House v. Price to reflect the current Secretary of Health and Human Services. Monday, May 22 is the last day for the Trump administration to give notice to the Appellate Court if it wants to continue the appeal.

If Trump drops the appeal and ends the illegal cost-sharing subsidies, Obamacare Silver Plan healthcare premiums will jump by 19 percent. But the national average for Obamacare Silver Plan patient deductibles would also more than quadruple from $709,to $3,064, according to the amicus brief filed by America’s largest hospital groups.

The White House asked for a 90-day delay in Obamacare subsidy suit so that the legislature could get the deal done. This is why President Trump has been so supremely confident that he would be signing a new heath care law “very quickly”.

President Trump holds ALL of the cards here. If the legislature fails to pass something that President Trump can sign, what are the chances that the Trump administration will drop the appeal entirely? If they drop the appeal, the legislature will be forced to either fund the exchanges or proceed with repeal and replace. I certainly wouldn’t vote for a Congressman or Senator who funds those federal O-Care exchanges.

If you have a moment, read this excellent Sparta Report write-up of where the RINO-Care legislation stands right now: Rand Paul: The Senate GOP is Going to Keep Obamacare | Sparta Report

Rand Paul hits it out of the park. This “repeal” farce has run its course. This bill should be entitled, “Free Ammo for Idiot Liberal Democrats” or FAIL-D for short.

I am making no predictions other than this all comes to a head in August.

I actually think President Trump will sign the RINO-Care, O-Care replacement. I for one never truly expected any Federal entitlement program to actually be repealed. I remember the debacle of the “Medicare Catastrophic Coverage and Repeal Act of 1989”.

It wasn’t long after that that Rosty ended up in jail.