Too Late: Snopes makes a Quixotic effort to regain some small shred of it’s lost credibility. 

After months of anti-Trump fake “Fact-checks” Snopes attempts to perform a little damage control:

The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas

Over the past two years, many thousands of broadcast hours and probably millions of words have been devoted to Donald Trump’s relationship with the truth. Equally, the President has made accusations of dishonesty and bias against the media and his political opponents a central part of his persona and presidency.

What lies are told about the President? Is he lying when he makes these allegations? In a feverish atmosphere of claim and counterclaim, when everyone seems to reflexively accuse everyone else of “fake news”, it can be difficult to know what’s what.

There are many articles that exist detailing lies and misleading claims made by the Trump administration. This article is intended as a neutral, reliable analysis of the lies, false allegations and misleading claims made about and against Donald Trump since his inauguration in January 2017. We’ve attempted to strip away the hyperbole, name-calling and generalizations, and examine the patterns and trends at work: what characterizes these lies and exaggerations, the effect they have, what might explain them.

We pay particular attention to selected examples — claims that have gained prominence among the mainstream opposition to Trump, revealing much about the methods, priorities, and tone of that opposition, and illustrating how this movement both cultivates and plays off a number of caricatures of the 45th President and at times falls prey to a handful of identifiable and repeated errors of thought.

Read the whole list here: The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas

I still think that this is much too little, posted much too late, for Snopes to ever again be considered anything other than a leftist propaganda apologist site by half of the US population.

Better for Snopes keep up their support of the leftist propaganda media machine, now all they have done is alienate the left half of their customer base that up until today, still took them seriously.


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