President Trump may begin applying greater pressure on the Senate, much greater.


From The Last Refuge’s sundance: Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse… | The Last Refuge

Thought Experiment:  Imagine the 2009/2010 Tea Party uprising with an allied President Trump in the White House.  That’s where we are going...

For the past week we’ve been outlining the ROOT ISSUE within the DC swamp: ♦Whycongress isn’t providing Trump policy legislation; ♦what impact that is having; and ♦what appears to be surfacing as a solution.

The truthfulness behind any larger discussion is backed-up by research: ♦The history of DC lobbyists admitting they control congress; ♦who created this broken system, and why the larger media avoids discussion of it. [Although Rush Limbaugh did partially report]

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Keep in mind the possibility that the Trump administration will choose not to continue the Obama administration’s appeal in the US Court of Appeals of DC to preserve the cost-premium subsidies that were ruled illegal last year by the DC district court. It seems to me that once the appeal is dropped the House and Senate will be forced to do one of two things, pass legislation to fund the exchanges legally, or allow the system implode under it’s unpaid bills. Such funding would be tough to defend for GOP congressfolk in a primary campaign. Letting O-Care crash and burn would be tough to run on in the general. Yet I doubt that even in those circumstances the legislature will actually repeal O-Care.

Via Fox News Insider: President Trump: ‘We’ll Just Let ObamaCare Fail, I’m Not Gonna Own It’

President Trump has lots of options, tons of leverage, and he hasn’t truly begun rallying the base. This is getting interesting … in the Chinese curse sense of the phrase.