The weekly “Literally Hitler” Trump Administration parade continues: This week, Ivanka!

Since President Trump is no longer “Literally Hitler”, and is now just an incompetent bumbler, every week the left flips through the Trump Administration Rolodex to pull out a card and, voila! The next weekly “Just Like Hitler!” narrative begins.

The Left already went through the Trump administration Cabinet (Bannon, Pence, Sessions, etc. All “Just Like Hitler!” for a week or two) and now are they are working their way through the Presidential staff.

Last week it was Donald Trump Junior’s turn, and this week the media and democrats (but I repeat myself) are going hammer and tong after …

Ivanka Trump!

Via HuffPost: Democrats Call For FBI Review Of Ivanka Trump’s Security Clearance | 

“Did she accurately disclose her own foreign contacts in her initial filing, which reports suggest may be numerous?”

A group of House Democrats are seeking information about Ivanka Trump’s security clearance after her husband and fellow White House adviser, Jared Kushner, failed to report dozens of contacts with foreign officials, including meetings with Russian officials, during last year’s presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, more than 20 House Democrats, led by Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), wrote a letter urging acting FBI director Andrew McCabe to conduct a review concerning “a potentially serious issue involving” the president’s daughter.

The modern left are so entirely predictable while being wildly wrong every time, that at this point it’s just comedy.