Sears Will Sell Appliances on Amazon – Shares Jump Nearly 20%

But for moribund 20th century thinking, Sears could have been Amazon.

They already had ubiquitous store locations, had more than enough warehousing, they operated plenty of transport logistics, and as a company they only had about 100 years of Mail Order sales experience.


Via NBC: Sears Shares Jump Almost 20 Percent on News It Will Sell Appliances on Amazon – NBC News

Embattled retailer Sears saw its sunken stock jump almost 20 percent on news that it has inked a deal to sell its Kenmore-branded appliances on Amazon.

Sears had every advantage and simply ignored the internet while Amazon and a slew of smaller retailers sapped their business away.

Now they are just like any other mom and pop 3rd party Amazon vendor. I have no confidence that Sears will actually be able to do well as a Amazon seller. I’ll bet that they wont even offer Prime shipping until its too late.