Banana Republic Update: All of Hillary’s Election Opponents Are Now Under FBI Investigation



While Bernie and Jane Sanders say that the FBI Investigation of her possible bank fraud is just ‘Incredibly Sexist’, the FBI investigation into Hillary’s main presidential primary competitor trudges on.

Before you think that this is the Trump administration’s doing keep in mind that the investigation was started by the Obama Administration … during the presidential primary campaign!

Doomberg at Sparta Report Writes: All of Hillary’s Election Opponents Are Now Under Investigation

With Jill Stein now being probed, all of Hillary Clinton’s main political rivals – Donald Trump, Jill Stein, and Bernie Sanders – are now under criminal investigation by various parts of the federal government. The FBI’s Andrew McCabe, as a I mentioned earlier, has close financial links to Hillary Clinton and cannot possibly be trusted to pursue an objective investigation of Bernie Sanders.

While the Democrats are putting on a brave face and trying to claim Trump is “going after” Bernie, this assertion doesn’t pass the smell test. If Trump was really that vengeful, he would be going after Hillary Clinton, not minor candidates who ceased to be a significant factor after the primary elections.

Jill Stein did meet with Russian officials at a dinner she attended in 2015 and do you know who else was there? Why it was the former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn! If that’s not bad enough, Russian President Vladimir Putin was there too!

They may have said “hello” to one another … in a reception line … at a formal dinner party.

That’s apparently all the “evidence” that the FBI needs to find some good old fashioned “Russian Collusion”!

The Russia obsession of the media, the “deep state” and the Uniparty is all totally justified now. They really seem to be on to something here!


What a mess.



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