This employer takes treating its employees “like a dog” one step too far

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Via TechRepublic: Three Square Market becomes first US company to offer implanted microchips to all employees

Employees at Three Square Market (32M) will soon be getting a tech upgrade: Biochips, imbedded in their hands. The company will become the first in the US to offer implanted microchip technology to all employees, essentially replacing ID badges and allowing users to open doors, log in to computers, and make purchases in the break room.

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The company says that this is a “Voluntary” program (for now).

Some free advice to companies tempted to consider using this tech:

Microchip your pets … Not your employees.

The expansion of this technology into human implantation is very troubling. Even ignoring the security problems with the devices themselves, (and there are many) the ubiquitous use of these implants within the general public will simply shave off yet another layer of everyone’s slowly vanishing personal privacy.