Yea another Crypto Currency Heist: Veritaseum loses $8.4 million in ICO hack

It’s starting to look less like random “hackers” more like corporate and or governmental espionage attacking the Crypto Currency markets. Or it may be that after witnessing the depths to which the Deep State will sink to promote its agenda that I may just be more paranoid than I used to be.

Via Veritaseum cryptocurrency loses $8.4 million in ICO hack

The cryptocurrency market is a very attractive targets for hackers. This month alone, we have seen successful attacks carried out against popular wallets and an ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), during which hackers stole tens of millions of dollars. And the siege is not over yet.

Veritaseum, which is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, also had its ICO hacked, with the attacker (or attackers) managing to steal $8.4 million in tokens. This time around, it was more sophisticated than the CoinDash ICO hack which happened just a week before.

These hacks are depressing prices across the entire Crypto Currency market right now, and after last weeks Ethereum hack prices dropped down a smidgion and then rebounded quite a bit. This may in fact be an nice cryptocurrency buying opportunity for a short time.

Bitcoin: $2,731.87, –0.85%

Ethereum: $224.21, -1.14%

Ripple: $0.191, -1.40%

Litecoin: $44.27, -0.27%

Dash: $205.34, +7.62%

Prices at closing on July 24th 2017