Donald Trump only “said” he signed the Russia Sanctions … but he could be pocketing it

Breitbart reports that Donald Trump Signed the Russia Sanctions Bill

However I have seen no proof that the President has actually signed the bill, no photos, no ceremony, no pdf of the signed bill.

So let’s have some fun and stir the pot about the unlikely but entertaining possibility of a Pocket Veto of the “Russia Sanctions” bill and the upcoming Congressional Recess.

How does this grab you for some KellyAnn style “Alternative Facts”.

Lets start with a question; Has anyone shown any proof that the “Russia Sanctions” bill was actually signed or delivered back to Congress?

Let’s speculate, shall we … the President could be stealthily pocket vetoing this insufferable unconscionable blatantly unconstitutional congressional legislative overreach.

By retaining a bill unsigned for 10 days – until it is too late for it to be dealt with during the legislative session, once congress has been adjourned past the 10th day – a sitting president will have performed a “Pocket Veto”.

The pocket veto is an absolute veto that cannot be overridden. The veto becomes effective when the President fails to sign a bill after Congress has adjourned for 10 days and is unable to override.

In fact now that I think about it, not sending the already signed “Russia Sanction” bill back to congress before they adjourn and leave on recess wouldn’t even count as a “lie”. A “Pocket Veto” depends on the timing of adjournment and/or whether or not the House and/or Senate remains technically “In Session”.

If the congress actually adjourns for the August break, and President Trump “Forgot” to actually sign the bill this morning, or is “late” sending the document back to Congress … well that would trigger an epic court case only to be surpassed by the media frenzy.

It would be a “Trumpian” move stylistically.

If the Democrats (with GOP turncoat help) keep Congress technically in session during the recess, (like the GOP did a last winter, and which should be expected) then President Trump can’t even attempt the Pocket Veto.

Will the Dems be able force the House or Senate to remain “In Session” during the August recess?

If so … how will they do it without GOP support? If they have GOP support who will be the most likely turncoats?

If not, (and even if the “Pocket Veto” possibility of this “Russia Sanctions” bill doesn’t happen) will the President perform other “Congressional Recess” parliamentary maneuvers … like appointing the remainder of his cabinet and the rest of his federal judges?

Leave a link in the comments if you have seen any sign of the signed bill!.