This satire video ends up being depressingly accurate: Children of Darkness – non-fiction television – Liberalism and Mental Health Issues

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What the Congressional Baseball Assassination Attempt Truly Was: The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat

The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat | The American Spectator

Throughout history, grandiose visions of world-altering consequences have motivated political assassins. Gavril Princip’s June 1914 rendezvous with Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo is a horrifying example.

Despite the historical track record, until James T. Hodgkinson’s June 2017 criminal assault on a Virginia baseball diamond, a chilling congressional coup d’état scenario which alters history in these United States would be little more than an edgy plot-line in a paperback thriller. In the Hollywood movie version there is a one hundred percent certainty right wing activists would be the monsters who attempted the coup.

Unfortunately, the scenario is no longer over the edge. Whether intended or unintended, a change in control of the House of Representatives could well have been a consequence of Hodgkinson’s crime.

Calculating the number of congressional Republicans hard left terrorist James T. Hodgkinson could have murdered on his baseball diamond battlefield reveals a megalomaniacal political scheme that may have inspired his savage assault: a history-altering Capitol Hill coup d’état within the electoral system.

Farfetched? Simple and truly fascist bloodbath math makes the case that Hodgkinson’s crime could have created political circumstances where Democrats might gain control of the House of Representatives.

As strategists say, that shift in power would “set conditions” for impeaching President Donald Trump, a man Hodgkinson hated and whose election and administration Hodgkinson and millions of his fellow Democrats believe to be illegal and illegitimate.

I am not attempting to read the assassin’s mind. But we know he intended to massacre Republicans, which tells us a lot about his mindset and his motives. We also know he committed the crime.

Now examine the Republican baseball team roster from the perspective of an angry, outraged hard-left Bernie Sanders progressive who for the last eight months has absorbed an acid hot media-political narrative ritually vilifying Trump. Mainstream media headlines and the rhetoric of Democrat leaders persistently arouse and incite the Democrat Party base, claiming Trump is a traitor, his administration is illegitimate and that evil Republicans are plotting to repeal Obamacare so they can kill senior citizens. Why, Paul Ryan still wants to push old ladies off a cliff!

After examining the baseball roster, count the current number of Republicans and Democrats serving on Capitol Hill.

Seventeen Republican congressional representatives and two senators remained on the baseball practice field when Hodgkinson launched his one-man Red Army assault. Three Congressmen, Representatives Tom Rooney, Mark Walker, and Bill Johnson had just left.

Call it luck, call it grace, but another 12 team members (and elected officials) missed the practice.

Though New Math scholars may arrive at a different answer, classic 1 + 1 = 2 addition says Hodgkinson could have killed 32 Republican members of the House and two Senators.

The current GOP-Dem breakdown in the House is 239 Rs to 194 Ds. The Senate is 52 Rs and 48 Ds.

If the following strikes you as brutally cold remember Hodgkinson was a terrorist intent on cold blooded mass slaughter. Killing 32 Republican members of the House reduces the Republicans to 207 seats. That means the nation must conduct 32 special elections. That means the Resistance (which includes Hillary Clinton) has 32 opportunities to seize a Republican seat in a special election

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I’ve been talking about this in conversations for a while: If Trump Is Violating Emoluments Clause, So Did George Washington

One of the world’s leading scholars on the previously arcane Emoluments Clause of the Constitution has filed a friend-of-the-court brief arguing that President Donald Trump is not violating the provision by having an ownership interest in his private hotel business.

Seth Barrett Tillman, an American scholar at Maynooth University in Ireland, is one of the few legal scholars who have extensively studied the issue. He argues the best evidence is the behavior of America’s earliest presidents — including George Washington.

Tillman’s lawyers, Josh Blackman and Robert Ray, who succeeded Ken Starr as special counsel in the Whitewater case, cite a public auction at which Washington bought plots of land in the new capital city.

“If Plaintiffs are correct, then Washington openly committed impeachable offenses under the watchful eyes of prominent members of the founding generation, political opponents, and commercial rivals,” the brief states.Ray and Blackman filed the legal arguments in the Southern District of New York, where Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government, along with a group of businesses that claim they have been unfairly disadvantaged, have sued Trump for receiving money through the real estate company in which he maintains a large ownership interest.

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I’ve been told that I’m the most patient person that many people have ever met, maybe this is why: Eating a low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person

New Scientist: Eating a low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person

A low-carb diet might do more than affect your health – it could make you a more tolerant person. People who ate fewer carbohydrates for breakfast made more forgiving decisions in a money-sharing game they played a few hours later.

“Extreme [low-carb] diets might be influencing people’s behaviour,” says Soyoung Park of the University of Lübeck in Germany. This could be because less starchy meals tend to have more protein, which boosts levels of dopamine in the brain, involved in decision making.

Standard advice is that we should base our meals around starchy carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes and pasta. Low-carbers tend to have a higher protein intake because they replace these foods with protein-rich meat, dairy and nuts.

Dietary protein affects the levels of an amino acid that is a precursor to dopamine in our blood. Since increasing the amino acid increases dopamine, and dopamine affects decision-making,  Park wondered if a low-carb diet might change people’s behaviour. To find out, her team asked people to participate in the “ultimatum game”, in which you are split into pairs and your partner is given some money and they decide how much to share with you. If you accept the offer, both of you get the cash, but if you reject it, no one gets anything.

Read the whole thing here: Eating a low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person

I’ve been living the low carbohydrate lifestyle for nearly ten years and my physical health has never been better. It’s good to know that the carbohydrate restricted lifestyle has been just as beneficial to my mental health as well.

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InfoWars has a great idea for a contest: Expose Terrorist Media, Win Cash – #CNNisISIS

InfoWars: Expose Terrorist Media, Win Cash – #CNNisISIS 

Expose the mainstream media and win cash prizes with our #CNNisISIS contest!

The New York Times can’t be serious: Comey sounds sexually harassed by President Trump

Image result for comey hugs trump

They can’t possibly be serious … Yet here is this “flaming paper bag of dog doo” article sitting on the NYT website, waiting for some idiot to stomp on it and end up covered with the flaming bag’s contents.

NYTimes: In Comey’s Testimony, Some See Parallels to Sexual Harassment Victims

For some people who watched James B. Comey’s Senate testimony on Thursday, the questions that Mr. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, faced and the situations he described brought to mind a seemingly unrelated topic: sexual harassment.

Sparta Report’s hot take:: Did Donald Trump SEXUALLY ABUSE Comey?! | Sparta Report

Every time I think the New York Times has hit rock bottom, they reach for the dynamite and just keep blasting away.

I’m trying to work up some outrage, but I can’t seem to wipe the smile of unbridled amusement, out loud laughter and derisive mockery from my face.

This video seems even funnier now …

WINNING : Haven’t Seen this Much Regulation Slashing Since Reagan!

While the media, the democrats, and the never-Trump RINOs all play games in the senate hearings, President Trump keeps accelerating the draining of the Washington swamp.

Via TruthFeed: WINNING : Haven’t Seen this Much Regulation Slashing Since Reagan! – TruthFeed

If we want the economy to roar and job, job, jobs to come rolling back we need to GUT all the Obama-era regulations and free up small businesses to succeed.

They are the backbone of our economy and Obama all but destroyed them with his clueless approach to the U.S. economy.

He was, after all, a “community organizer” prior to being elected.

On the other hand, President Trump has a keen understanding of how the economy works and what needs to be done to make it SOAR, which is why he’s cutting regulations in a YUGE WAY.

We haven’t seen this much regulation slashing since Ronald Reagan was in office.

Thank you, President Trump!

Regulatory power is the only actual “power” that the Deep State truly possesses, and while the hordes of unionized government employee sharks are busy attempting to take a bite out of President Trumpzilla in dog and pony show Senate hearings, the peoples monster is happily destroying the very foundations of the bureaucracy’s power.