This game sucks! Playing “Parent’s Basement”

Play Parents’ Basement. “Easily the worst game I’ve ever played. I feel sorry for anybody who has to play it.”

Hat Tip: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit

Was there some cure for bird flu that I didn’t hear about? Climate researchers claim that Global Warming is ‘Wreaking Worldwide Havoc’ on migratory songbirds

Or are “Climate Researchers” simply making shiat up again?

Source: Increasing phenological asynchrony between spring green-up and arrival of migratory birds

Consistent with a warming climate, birds are shifting the timing of their migrations, but it remains unclear to what extent these shifts have kept pace with the changing environment.

The article includes a bunch of “scientific” looking graphs and they use a lot of “Sciency” sounding language in their report, but the underlying logic and improbable conclusions don’t match up, even taking into consideration the obviously manipulated and modified data sets.

Anthony Weiner has become Cyril Figgis as he pleads Guilty and cries, ‘I Have a Sickness’

So  Anthony Weiner Cries as He Pleads Guilty: ‘I Have a Sickness’

As I learned from Lana on the Archer television show, “Sexual Addiction isn’t real thing, A-Hole!”

Sexual Addiction is exactly the same thing Cyril Figgis says every time his sexual antics get him into trouble.

See? They are the same guy … well except that Cyril seems a little bit less of a D-Bag than Anthony.



Time Magazine plagiarizes Mad Magazine’s cover art

Source: Mad magazine slams Time for ripping off White House-St. Basil’s Cathedral mashup

Once More, With Stealing Dept.

In 1952, Time Magazine called MAD “a short lived, satirical pulp.” Now they’re stealing our material! Honestly, we’re flattered, but we would have appreciated a credit — something like, “Idea stolen from MAD, which in 1952 we called a short lived satirical pulp!”

The only honest thing that Time Magazine did here was to finally equate themselves with a joke magazine.

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Instapundit: Via WAPO, Trump acknowledges ‘facts’ shared with Russian envoys during White House meeting.

Image result for H.R. McMaster

The funny catch-22 about people talking about classified information, is that the people talking about the classified info can lie about the classified info all they want and there is no penalty. While those who know the truth of the very same classified information can’t say anything to clarify, or deny what was said erroneously about the classified info because that itself would actually violate security clearance and classification.

So if you are hearing about classified information, what you are hearing is most likely a lie, and no one will ever correct the lie because that would compromise the classified information.

Steve Green at: Instapundit talks about Trump acknowledging ‘facts’ shared with Russian envoys during White House meeting.

I’ll try to unpack this.

Yesterday, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said the original WaPo report was false. That’s a complicated denial, because the thing which McMaster said was false — that Trump revealed “methods and sources” to the Russians — wasn’t in the original WaPo report.

So McMaster denied something nobody was reporting, which could have been obfuscation or could have been a misunderstanding of what was reported. We just don’t know. What we do know is that McMaster is on record saying that the President did not reveal the methods and sources which could endangered an intelligence operation and our spies on the ground.

Despite what WaPo implied today, Trump’s tweet did not contradict McMaster’s complicated denial. Trump says he shared anti-ISIS intel, minus the methods and sources, with Russia — as is his right. Whether or not that was wise depends on how you view the potential for combined U.S.-Russian anti-ISIS operations. “It’s complicated” would probably be a fair assessment.

So the short version is that the President did share “highly classified information” regarding ISIS and/or terrorism in general, but not in such a way to compromise either our intelligence gathering or our intelligence officers. And that last bit comes from no less than H.R. McMaster, who wrote the book (or at least one of the first books) on how careless and stupid politicians got us into Vietnam and doomed our war there.

It’s complicated true enough, but how much of Trump’s “carelessness” is a deliberate strategy? President Trump is better at mass media than just about anyone, especially anyone working in mass media.

While the mass media spends all of it’s energy on distractions like this, the President is signing legislation, executive orders and presidential actions, appointing judges, and restructuring entire federal departments.

It’s funny, but is it art? Emoluments Clause projected onto Trump’s DC hotel

Oddly enough there is a school of legal thought that says “no matter what personal business dealings a President has, those dealings are always ‘in the interest of the country” and thus the President is always immune to any restrictions thereof, including the emoluments clause”.

The reasoning for this opinion is that no one could possibly have “Standing” to file a legal complaint, not to mention precedent going all the way back to George Washington who did NOT divest or otherwise stop running his various and sundry businesses.

The Hill: Emoluments Clause projected onto Trump’s DC hotel


“Pay Trump Bribes Here” was projected onto the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C., late Monday night.

Photos shared on social media also showed the Constitution’s emoluments clause projected on the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks away from the White House.

The emoluments clause prohibits federal officials from taking payments from foreign governments: “No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of The Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or Foreign State.”

Washington, D.C.-based artist Robin Bell posted on Twitter claiming to be behind the projections.

The president faces a lawsuit filed by ethics watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in January that alleges he violated the emoluments clause.

Trump is the ultimate enforcer of the emoluments clause and he can fire anyone for breaching it, but who can “fire” Trump? Since Trump didn’t “ask permission” from Congress to perform his business or accept ANY kind of payment (whether “ethically challenged” or not) the only recourse congress has is to impeach him or work hard next election to vote him out of office.

Impeachment would also likely fail if only based on the Emoluments Clause, because the congress would have to prove that Trump’s alleged commercial transactions involving a foreign entity amount to “receiving a present, Emolument, (a salary, fee, or profit from ’employment’ or separate ‘office’) an Office, (such as leadership office in a foreign country – prime minister, MP, etc.) or a Title, (Duke, Barron etc.)”.

Thin legal gruel with zero chance of any Judge or the GOP congress even agreeing to hear it as a case.

Maybe if the Democrats can get a majority in the house and senate within the next eight years they could start an impeachment process, but remember, Bill Clinton was impeached, and what came of that?