Warning device sends a chill down your spine when an AI impersonates actual humans

This is cool.

Via sciencealert.com: This dystopian device warns you when AI is trying to impersonate actual humans – ScienceAlert

Scared of a future where you can no longer discern if you’re dealing with a human or a computer? A team of Australian researchers have come up with what they call the Anti-AI AI.

The wearable prototype device is designed to identify synthetic speech and alert the user that the voice they’re listening doesn’t belong to a flesh-and-blood individual. Developed as a proof of concept in just five days, the prototype makes use of a neural network powered by Google’s Tensorflow machine learning software.

As artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technology rapidly evolve, we’re facing an uncertain future where machines can seemingly do all sorts of things better than people can – from mastering games to working our jobs, and even making new, more powerful forms of AI.

While the gravest concerns envision a future dystopia where unregulated, super-powerful AIs threaten humanity’s very existence, the truth is we’re already entering a new, unsettling era in which machines can deceive humans by impersonating the ways we speak and look.

As this technology gets even more sophisticated, it’s becoming easier to imagine a world where soon it may be difficult or even impossible to tell when a ‘person’ you’re talking to on the phone – or watching on TV – is or isn’t a real human being.

We’ll be needing ever more sophisticated tools to combat fictitious media.

Joel Pollak has a point: The Attack on Trump Is Exactly What a Russian Disinformation Campaign Looks Like

When you look for actual evidence of “Russian influence” in American politics, you keep hearing about Republicans while only ever finding Democrats up to their elbows in Russian deals.


Breitbart: Pollak: The Attack on Trump Is Exactly What a Russian Disinformation Campaign Looks Like

The accusation that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with the Russians, and that he is trying to cover it up, looks increasingly like a classic Russian disinformation campaign — one designed to bring down the only president since the Cold War who has actually been willing to confront Russia in any meaningful way.

It is an article of faith on the left that Russia wanted Trump to win the election because Vladimir Putin anticipated a more pliant approach, signaled by Trump’s explicit desire to negotiate a better relationship. But the Russians may just as well have preferred Hillary Clinton, who had given Russia everything it wanted while serving as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State — from the ill-fated “reset,” to a surrender of U.S. missile defenses in Eastern Europe, to the sale of 20% of America’s uranium reserves to a Russian company closely tied to the Russian state.

It is more plausible to suggest that Russia simply wants to disrupt American politics if it can get away with doing so, and would do the same regardless of which candidate won the election. Even if — for argument’s sake — Putin once preferred Trump, that would not preclude him from trying to undermine President Trump now, if possible.

And in the “Democrat-media” complex, Putin has found a particularly potent weapon, aimed directly at the president. One could not imagine a better way to create havoc for an adversary — and the left is playing into the enemy’s hands, eagerly and mindlessly, forgetting its own slavish enthusiasm for Russia for nearly a century.

Holman Jenkins, writing in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, notes that Putin found a unique vulnerability in the hyper-partisanship of contemporary American politics, which makes devotees on either side more willing to believe the worst about the other. Partisans on both sides might share a conspiratorial mindset when relegated to opposition status, but only the Democrats can harness the alchemy of the mainstream media to “normalize” fringe theories.

read the rest at Breitbart: Pollak: The Attack on Trump Is Exactly What a Russian Disinformation Campaign Looks Like

The left always accuses their opposition of things that they themselves are guilty of.

How Team Obama tried to hack the election | New York Post

New York Post’s Paul Sperry: How Team Obama tried to hack the election | New York Post

New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic-spy campaign that included snooping on Trump officials.

The irony is mind-boggling: Targeting political opposition is long a technique of police states like Russia, which Team Obama has loudly condemned for allegedly using its own intelligence agencies to hack into our election.

The revelations, as well as testimony this week from former Obama intel officials, show the extent to which the Obama administration politicized and weaponized intelligence against Americans.

Thanks to Circa News, we now know the National Security Agency under President Barack Obama routinely violated privacy protections while snooping through foreign intercepts involving US citizens — and failed to disclose the breaches, prompting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court a month before the election to rebuke administration officials.

The story concerns what’s known as “upstream” data collection under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, under which the NSA looks at the content of electronic communication. Upstream refers to intel scooped up about third parties: Person A sends Person B an e-mail mentioning Person C. Though Person C isn’t a party to the e-mail, his information will be scooped up and potentially used by the NSA.

Further, the number of NSA data searches about Americans mushroomed after Obama loosened rules for protecting such identities from government officials and thus the reporters they talk to.

The FISA court called it a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue” that NSA analysts — in violation of a 2011 rule change prohibiting officials from searching Americans’ information without a warrant — “had been conducting such queries in violation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had been previously disclosed to the Court.”

A number of those searches were made from the White House, and included private citizens working for the Trump campaign, some of whose identities were leaked to the media. The revelations earned a stern rebuke from the ACLU and from civil-liberties champion Sen. Rand Paul.

We also learned this week that Obama intelligence officials really had no good reason attaching a summary of a dossier on Trump to a highly classified Russia briefing they gave to Obama just weeks before Trump took office.

Read the rest…

This is my NOT Shocked Face: MSM Completely Ignores NSA Illegal Spying Bombshell

Via PJ Media: Shock: MSM Completely Ignores NSA Illegal Spying Bombshell

On Wednesday, investigative news site Circa News broke a blockbuster story about illegal spying during the Obama years. So far, only Fox News and a handful of conservative websites have covered the bombshell news. According to Newsbusters, the big three networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC — have completely omitted the story from their evening broadcasts. So have the Washington Post, the New York Times, and every other major mainstream media outlet. They’ve opted instead to cover RussiaGate fodder that continues to bear little fruit and negative news about Donald Trump.

But Trump is having Festivus in May while in Europe! Can’t you see that he’s the quintessential “Ugly American”?!!! Where are your priorities you flyover country hayseeds?

This is different…because SHUT UP! Media Ignoring Reports of the Obama Surveillance State

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit says, “Our ‘intelligence community’ is looking more and more like a political machine.”

We are still learning things about the Barack Obama years, many of which are chilling. It’s not a dereliction of the duty to cover Trump to note that.

It would be wise for the nation’s objective and center-left media outlets to join the right in dedicating some attention to a bombshell scoop alleging the systemic violation of American civil rights in the Obama years.

According to an unsealed document obtained by Circa’s reporters, an opinion authored by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court disclosed that about 5 percent—or one out of every 20—intercepts of foreign communications by the National Security Agency swept up data on American citizens. Intercepts increased by three-fold following the Obama administration’s loosening of U.S. privacy rules in 2011. Those intercepts were self-reported by the Obama administration in late 2016, but the court issued an uncommon rebuke of the administration for failing to make those disclosures sooner. That “institutional lack of candor” concealed a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue,” the court document read.

This is no small matter. In January, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Attorney General Loretta Lynch approved of new rules for the NSA that would further loosen standards regarding what raw intelligence data it was allowed to share with the rest of the intelligence and law-enforcement community. At the time, privacy advocates demanded the administration rein in the powers of the presidency if only to box in Trump. Not only did the Obama administration do precisely the opposite, “former Obama administration officials” bragged to reporters about the obvious trail of intelligence gleaned from foreign intercepts they left behind for anyone interested in investigating the Trump campaign’s links to Russia.

Via commentarymagazine.com: Coming to Terms With the Obama Years | commentary

Many folks tried to warn against the Patriot Act, the DHS, and the expansion of NSA power, because of the inherent risk that these agencies could be ordered to violate American’s civil rights, misuse mass surveillance being conducted upon the citizenry and possibly even spy on political opponents, and that eventually this behavior could all become “normalized” behavior as it had in East Germany just a few short years before.

Those concerns were all dismissed as “Paranoid fantasy and tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nuttiness”.

The funny thing is that the Media is still calling it that.


Welcome to New East Germany, Show us your papers please! – FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties

This seems like an important story. Why is there seemingly no mention of it in the main stream media I wonder?

Via Circa: Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties | Circa News – Learn. Think. Do.

The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government documents that undercut the bureau’s public assurances about how carefully it handles warrantless spy data to avoid abuses or leaks.

In his final congressional testimony before he was fired by President Trump this month, then-FBI Director James Comey unequivocally told lawmakers his agency used sensitive espionage data gathered about Americans without a warrant only when it was “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.”

Once-top secret U.S. intelligence community memos reviewed by Circa tell a different story, citing instances of “disregard” for rules, inadequate training and “deficient” oversight and even one case of deliberately sharing spy data with a forbidden party.

There’s a lot more at the link.


Busses full of AstroTurf “Protesters” arrive in Chicago to get poor people fired from their menial jobs

Via thegatewaypundit : “Soros Is Stepping Up His Game” – Unmarked Deluxe Busses Arrive In Chicago Full Of “Protestors”

Thousands of people have recently taken to the streets of Chicago to protest the current minimum wage and demand an increase to $15/hr. One of the initial problems with this wage increase is that a cashier at McDonald’s should not be a job one aspires to retain for the rest of their lives; fast food jobs have classically been reserved as a first job for teenagers, and some college students, who are trying to make a buck between classes.

Increasingly, however, due to poor government intervention in business and expansions in welfare, these jobs have been increasingly filled by middle-aged people who have become victims of the left’s system of governance. So what is the solution? Well, apparently it is to increase McDonald’s service people’s jobs to that of entry-level accountants, which then prompts major fast food chains like McDonalds to do away with those jobs altogether and replace them with self-serving kiosks and machines. So why would this fight continue if it is not only both bad for the company but also bad for the actual future of those fast food jobs? Well, because it is being *highly* funded by far-left organizations.

4Chan first noticed that dozens of expensive, unmarked, buses took to Chicago filled with “protestors” holding uniform and expensively printed signs

Read the whole thing: “Soros Is Stepping Up His Game” – Unmarked Deluxe Busses Arrive In Chicago Full Of “Protestors”

You can always tell when the summer protest season is about to start … because here in Chicago the month before is when and where all of the Soros Paid AstroTurf “Protesters” practice their marching, chanting, and occupying … and within a week or two they will also practice some light rioting.

Every year it’s the same routine rehearsal, every year the media act like it’s a “surprising uprising” of some sort.

The nice thing about this is, because these “Community Organizers” call Chicago “Home”, they don’t get too violent (Unless there is a Trump rally that is) and in about three weeks they will spread out to all the other cities where the real action will be.

And lest we forget: The true minimum wage is now, and always has been … zero.