Burning the American flag can and should be made illegal. Here’s how:


flag-burning-nyc-2015-credit-jon-campbell-05Flag burning could easily be determined to be “Fighting Words” under the 1942 SCOTUS doctrine, and thus represent a form of “speech” that is a danger to the community.

In the USA there is actually no right to speak fighting words, which are “those words without social value, directed to a specific individual, that would provoke a reasonable member of the group about whom the words are spoken”.

With regards to flag burning targeted to a “Specific Individual”, that term could include any Veteran or Veteran’s family member that is a victim of a “flag assault” who happens to be in the vicinity of the offence.

Though the Supreme Court has effectively limited the “Fighting Words” exception to only include abusive language, exchanged face to face, which would likely provoke a violent reaction, flag burning could be included within the definition of “Fighting Words” by statute or executive order, in order for it to qualify as a form of “Fighting Words” under the current interpretation of the SCOTUS 1942 doctrine.

This may be stretching the legal definition of “Fighting Words” slightly. But no more of a stretch than saying that flag burning is itself some sort of “free speech” to begin with.

After all, is Cross Burning “free speech”?

Before anyone starts thinking that this is a completely partisan policy position, keep the following news nugget from breitbart.com in mind:

cycn_i4vqaemin_-1Breitbart.com: Flashback: Sen. Hillary Clinton Co-Sponsored Bill to Punish Flag Burners

President-elect Donald Trump isn’t the first person to propose punishment for burning the American flag. Consider the Flag Protection Act of 2005, co-sponsored by then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.).

“Any person who shall intentionally threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons by burning, or causing to be burned, a flag of the United States shall be fined not more than $100,000, imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both,” read the bill, which Clinton co-sponsored the day it was filed by Sen. Robert Bennett (R.-Utah), along with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.), Sen. Thomas Carper (D.-Del.) and Sen. Mark Pryor (D.-Ark.).

The above proposed bill attempted to equate flag-burning with cross-burning, which the Supreme Court has ruled can be prosecuted. The flag burning itself is the “violence” that the law was intended to stop. I don’t think that this idea ever had much of a chance of surviving a SCOTUS challenge.

Without a constitutional anti flag burning amendment, including flag burning within the “Fighting Words” SCOTUS doctrine has a far greater chance of surviving a SCOTUS challenge than the failed Hillary Clinton co-sponsored Senate bill.

The fun part of Trump’s tweet is the usual media pavlovian barking and salivating over Trump’s “authoritarian attack on free speech” with many apparently not realizing that Clinton had actually tried to pass a law, while Trump merely tweeted his opinion.

Tool of the day award goes to: David Frum! (who also should know better)

Best flag burn caption:


The parade of “Literally Hitler” Trump Administration Cabinet picks will be epic

Via HotGas:

128btaPresident-elect Donald Trump has offered the position of attor­ney gener­al to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and the position of CIA direc­tor to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), accord­ing to sources close to the transi­tion.

Sessions’s offer was final­ized Thurs­day and the senator has been working with staff to lay the ground­work for an official announce­ment, said one person close to the transi­tion, who request­ed anonymi­ty to discuss inter­nal delib­er­a­tions.

Two sources who have spoken direct­ly with Trump officials said Pompeo had been offered and has accept­ed the job of CIA direc­tor. They also asked for anonymi­ty because they are not autho­rized to speak publicly about the process.

Now it’s getting pretty funny.

Sessions is already “Literally Hitler” this morning … replacing Bannon as this week’s “Literally Hitler”.

Everybody in the Trump administration is going to be “Literally Hitler” … until the next Cabinet announcement.

I feel sorry for the last Cabinet member, because like musical chairs, the last Cabinet pick will be “Literally Hitler” until the SCOTUS nominee. (Then the new SC Justice will be “Literally Hitler” for a while)

The media are busy decrying so-called “Fake News” websites that publish news unadulterated with leftist propaganda, while simultaneously publishing fake claims of “Literally Hitler” for every GOP candidate, appointee and supporter (which is something has actually been going on for the last 30 years at least).

This years Presidential Campaign has the Media beclowning themselves to such an extent with endless false stories and crazy conspiracy theories about Trump the Trump campaign, and Trump supporters that they may actually lose one or two viewers & readers.

Paul Watson sums it up nicely:

HotGas: Americanism – Nobility by culture


America and Americans have always had a kind of nobility that has befuddled the rest of the world for centuries.

World history as a whole is nothing more than one tragic story of rape, pillage, murder, and destruction after another. Nation upon nation, war upon war, tyrant upon tyrant. The lone exception has been the United States of America, a shining beacon of hope, liberty, and good in an otherwise house of horrors that we call Earth.

And yet Americans have demonstrated a willingness to stand up against the bullies of the world. The tyrants. The dictators. We’ve stopped world wars. We’ve conquered nations and then pulled out, demanding nothing, no spoils of war, no recompense for our blood and treasure. We fight and die for honor, sometimes to our own detriment. Japan. Germany. Iraq. We conquered, yet we did not exact payment. We occupied, but let them govern themselves.

We destroy, but we do not rape and pillage; instead, we rebuild at our own cost. We do not torture. We agonize in public hearings over Rules of Engagement. We have to hire lawyers to discuss waterboarding, which is NOT torture. We bend over backwards to prevent innocents from dying in war.

This is Americanism. We are nobility, not by birth, which is a fiction, but by deed, which is the purest, most precise measurement.

Read the entire article here

The truth about #Pepe the Frog: How it all started and why #EnlightenedFrog continues today


Update: The link 404’d (it went viral, it will re-enliven eventually). Thats the nature of all things 4chan…

… here is a related link so you didn’t waste a click:

The Alt-Right “Kek” Religion: Pointless Anti-Christian Vanity or Bizarre Joke?

Aaaaand the link is back up…



Pepe the Frog isn’t a white nationalist symbol.

Pepe the Frog isn’t a harmless meme propagated by teenagers on the internet.

Pepe the Frog is, in fact, the modern-day avatar of an ancient Egyptian deity accidentally resurrected by online imageboard culture.

Does that sound like the most b@tsh#t crazy thing you’ve ever heard?

Strap in, friendo. You’re in for one hell of a ride.

When Memes Collide: The Origins of Pepe the Frog

The precise origins of Pepe the Frog are, like all imageboards memes, obscure and unimportant.

All you really need to know is that sometime around 2010, a sad-looking cartoon frog began to trend among posters on 4chan.org, 8ch.net, and similar “underground” imageboards.

Shortly after, the age-old piece of online vernacular used to express laughter-—”LOL”—fell out of favor on these sites.

In its place a new slang term of synonymous meaning rose to common use: “KEK.”

The origins of this trend are much more important.  It comes from an odd technicality involving the Korean language and the popular video game Star Craft.

Keep that in mind for later.

And so, just like that, two seemingly unrelated elements that would later give life to a deity were arranged in piece-mail fashion.  But they remained dormant for several years, up until…

Donald Trump and the 2016 Election

By this time, Pepe the Frog had become the unofficial mascot for 4chan’s political discussion board (a highly despised corner of the Internet fittingly entitled “Politically Incorrect”).

/Pol/ is a place where the unspoken outsiders of Millennial culture gather en masse.  Here you’ll find the lonely and depressed, the socially inept, the generational dropouts, and all shades of disenfranchised youth—every one of them united with an unshakable underdog mentality that pervades the forum’s every kilobyte.

To call this place a “white nationalist” or “alt-right” message board is categorically incorrect.  /Pol/, above all else, is place where our society’s status quo is mercilessly challenged.  It’s a melting pot for well-meaning free thinkers and misguided mad men alike.

It is a place of chaos. 

So when Donald J. Trump strolled onto the political scene in 2015, it was a match made in heaven.  He immediately became /pol/’s candidate of choice.

Read it all here, it’s a fantastic write up.

Update: Now this is funny!

Here’s How Two Twitter Pranksters Convinced The World That Pepe The Frog Meme Is Just A Front For White Nationalism

The troll consisted of Town and Swift feeding an outrageous narrative to Nuzzi in the hopes she would scoop it up and feature as many quotes as possible, which is a fairly common practice among various alt-right groups to gain in-group status.

Definitely read the whole thing.

The UN wants to take and break the Internet: Then What?

un-control-of-internetU.N. control of the Internet is the likely result if the U.S. gives up it’s “Internet stewardship” as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.

When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.

Editors Note: WSJ is a Paywalled site, so don’t bother clicking. The quoted paragraph is the only part worth reading anyhoo.

So what to do?

I remember the time back in the mid 90’s when the TLD domain system (as we know it now) was still in Release Candidate mode and a group of so-called “rogue” DNS naming root server admins (AlterNIC) basically took over the entire Internet by setting up their own Root Servers and TLD (Top Level Domain) system, and then used a DNS cache poisoning attack on BIND and (I think) replaced the official root zone file. I also remember that the Department of Commerce had to ask them to revert the change, which they did once they had made their point.

I found the Wiki on this, so if my memory is at all foggy, the Wiki entry should help clarify. AlterNIC at Wikipedia

At that time many ISPs (most of which were still pretty small companies – as they were comprised of mostly former BBSs) also set about changing their Routing tables to use the AlterNIC alternative DNS Root name-server first for Internet lookups. In fact many ISPs didn’t remove the references even after the root zone file had been remediated back to the original ICANN Root DNS, and thus the Internet’s first “Dark Web” was born.

Alternative_DNS_root Wikipedia entry

Rogue domains revolt

If your ISP was one of the few that didn’t participate, you could simply add the Root Server name to the DNS search settings on your own machine’s network TCP/IP configuration.

You can still do this to use Alternative DNS roots today.

That’s all that would happen were the UN to take “Control” of the Internet Root. Someone would simply stand up a new TLD root server. In fact there are already several plans to do so regardless of what happens to ICANN.

That the new Root server wouldn’t be recognized by the 13 existing Root servers wouldn’t be a problem, it could actually be a feature.

If US service providers were to again be “Sympathetic” to the new Root Servers, all settings pointing to the new Root could be done on the back end and the Internet user community would not even need to change any configs on clients (computers, phones, TVs, etc.) at all.

If US service providers decide to try to resist providing access to an alternative DNS name server, all one needs to do is add the new root server to your own client Internet configuaration for DNS search.

And within minutes (literally just 20 or 30 minutes if providers cooperate) the entire Internet could route around the old damaged, censored, filtered, UN part.

Either way, there really is no “Controlling” the DNS Root. We all only participate in the current TLD system voluntarily.

As a convenience.

Were the ICANN or the UN to make it inconvenient, people will flock to an alternate even if it takes some working on their phone or computer to do so.

More information can be found here about the most credible alternative DNS project. It is called the Yeti DNS Project and provides a Live Root DNS Server system testbed.

Here is the complete wiki text about AlterNIC (as of today)
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My name is PoliTech … and I’m a Windows Phone (7, 8, & 10) user

windowsphoneripThe Motly Fool had a post a while back about why Microsoft’s Dream of “One Windows” May Be Dead.

Is Microsoft Corporation’s “One Windows” Dream Dead?

Where the Fool talks about a bunch of marketing issues that actually have almost nothing to do with why the Windows Phone platform has been such a poor performer.

The actual problem with the Windows Mobile platform: The App Gap.

The App Gap has always been the largest drawback with the Windows mobile platform and it has been this way since the advent of the first new generation Windows Mobile device, Windows Phone 7. There has been a steady stream of incidents where apps that appear on Droid, and iOS are never written for Windows Mobile whatsoever.

As a long time Windows Phone user I  can confidently say that the Windows 10 Mobile platform is a superior mobile device OS in every way to either Android (any flavor) or iOS (any version) and has been since advent of the Windows Phone 7 platform.

The only problem with Windows 10 Mobile, (and it’s a big one) is the lack of apps.

Steve Ballmer tried to get MS to support Android apps, which they could do quite easily, with most apps able to run natively on the Windows Mobile OS, (via emulator for x86 apps) .

Nadella the MS CEO insists that rather than opening the Windows Phone ecosystem to Android apps, Microsoft must get developers to create universal apps across PC, mobile, and Xbox.

The problem with the “Universal Apps” idea is that apps that were programmed to run on an x86 platform are highly unlikely to ever run on an ARM device (like the Windows Phone) without a performance robbing emulation layer. So strike one for the “Unified” Windows idea.

Nadella never actually bothered to incentivize developers to port apps to the MS Mobile platform, he just “assumed” that developers would do so. An assumption that was obviously incorrect and also in spite of Nadella himself knowing full well that programmers aren’t going to bother porting apps to Windows Mobile without some incentive because the platform has such a small market share.

It was always up to Microsoft to attract developers, yet they arrogantly assumed (and continue to do so) that they didn’t have to make any effort at all.

MS is convinced that the far east is the vast untapped Windows Mobile market MS is looking for. Nadella is committed to providing an all in one device that acts as both a Phone and a Computer for the third world consumer, (because they’re poor and cant afford two devices… which is something that Nadella said at IGNITE when launching Windows 10).

Microsoft’s Nadella et al. may be right about the third world market, but that’s looking too far down the road to help Windows 10 Mobile right now.


Privacy concerns and device security are additional reasons to consider the Windows Phone platform over iOS and Android, even if you don’t like the interface or lack of third party apps.

Security; Since no one uses the Windows Phone platform in any great number, there nowhere near as many malware or virus threats as with the two leading platforms. Security by obscurity!

Privacy; iOS is by far the worst offender when it comes to harvesting data from the end user. As far as “Privacy” on Google’s Android OS … well it’s still “Google” … and that speaks for itself. The Windows Phone has the cabability to harvest user data, but Microsoft is so disinterested in the platform at this point that no one is bothering to look at any of that data.

Meanwhile the Windows Phone platform is yet another example of an enormously superior technology dying before it’s time, mainly due to the marketing missteps of a “diversity hire” executive candidate being installed as the Microsoft CEO.

Hat Tip: HotGas

Artist Rendering of the Trump Border Wall


I like how the artist included a modern train. We don’t have modern trains in the US.