Sexual Consent Form

This is funny…

I saw this at Glumbert first.

Here is the Sexual Consent Form for those who wish to play along at home!

Paging Doctor Cylon, Paging Doctor Cylon


Shape Of Things To Come – Cylons Among Us?

Robots will soon pass scalpels to surgeons, retrieve blood from hospital blood banks and even answer the phones at busy unit desks – all so that nurses can spend more time with patients.

A researcher examining the future of nursing says breakthroughs in robotics could completely revamp the delivery of health care. And nurses must have a say on this Brave New World of technology, said Michael Villeneuve, a researcher with the Ottawa-based Canadian Nurses Association.

“If we aren’t going to shape our practice in a different way, other people are shaping it for us,” Villeneuve told delegates at the United Nurses of Alberta convention

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Scientists Research Brain Implant Chip


Scientists Research Brain Implant Chip

Researchers at the University of Washington are working on an implantable electronic chip that may help establish new nerve connections in the part of the brain that controls movement. Their most recent study showed such a device can induce brain changes in monkeys lasting more than a week.

When awake, the brain continuously governs the body’s voluntary movements. This is largely done through the activity of nerve cells in the part of the brain called the motor cortex. These nerve cells, or neurons, send signals down to the spinal cord to control the contraction of certain muscles, like those in the arms and legs.

The possibility that these neural signals can be recorded directly and used to operate a computer or to control mechanical devices outside of the body has been driving the rapidly expanding field of brain-computer interfaces, often abbreviated BCI. The recent study suggests that the brain’s nerve signals can be harnessed to create changes within itself.

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Dome Day!


Dome Day! Go Rockford!


Rockford College Football Clinches the UMAC South #1 Seed

The Rockford College football team clinched the UMAC South’s #1 seed for the conference’s ‘Dome Day’ by defeating Blackburn College 61-0 on Saturday October 14.

The Regents (6-1, 4-1 UMAC) surpassed their season high for points in a game when they bulldozed through the Beavers (2-5, 2-3 UMAC) on their home turf.

Regents stingy defense leads team to title game

Rockford College takes on the University of Minnesota-Morris (6-2), which swept the North Division, in the Dome Day championship game, facing a team they don’t know, but one they know of.

UPDATE: SO close … but so very far away…

Rockford College Football Falls in Ovetime in Championship Game

UM-Morris started overtime on offense and scored on a 19 pass to Patrick Collins to take the lead. The extra point gave the Cougars a 27-20. Rockford had the chance to tie or win the game but fell short when the offense was forced to throw a desperation pass in the end zone. Muscia looked for WR Ben Powers (Rockford, Ill./Winnebago) in the end zone but was picked off while throwing under heavy pressure ending the game with the Cougars on top 27-20.

Lesson for the new head coach … never defer when you win the toss in overtime. It’s all about momentum at that point in a game.

Congratulations in order for the 2006 Rockford College Football team! UMAC South Division Champs!

There has been some great support for the Rockford College Football team …

Marty Sojka has shown a fantastic dedication to the school and the Football Program. (Marty was an unpaid volunteer for many of his years of service to the school) He is a great guy and an excellent football coach!

The Rockford Register Star Newspaper has been really great! Consistantly providing upbeat reporting and articles featuring Rockford College Sports. (The school should take a lesson!)

Randy Schrader did a great job in a tough situation. (but he has to stop defering in OT!)

For anyone who appreciates the quality of Division 3 football and the love of the game demonstrated by EVERY Division 3 football player, the last four Rockford College Football seasons have been something special to witness!

And lastly let me offer PoliTech’s mad mad props to this year’s senior football players! At Rockford College, they’re going to miss this super group of Football seniors!

Great season guys!

This tech boom has legs…will probably last many years.


For several reasons – especially growing demand in developing countries – tech’s run most probably will last many years.

The tech boom now underway is profoundly different from any that has come before. It is broader and probably longer-lasting in its impact on tech companies, and more transformative macroeconomically. There are two reasons. First, everybody wants technology. And second, technology has become radically easier to create.

With the exception of a tiny number of places like North Korea – sadly left behind from most trends in modern life – every country, region, city, state or province to some degree wants to replicate the legendary successes of Silicon Valley. Just about every government and company worldwide now realizes that technological excellence is critical for competitiveness.

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First space supercomputer


HAL may soon be getting some company. But unlike the famous computer companion in Stanley Kubrick
’s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the first space-based supercomputer — so described because it will be by far the most powerful computer in space — is already nearing reality.
The UF-Honeywell computer aims to upgrade both satellites and probes with a novel design called the Dependable Multiprocessor. Funded by NASA’s New Millennium Program and the Florida High Technology Corridor Council, the goal is to cope with radiation from solar flares or other space events not through the physical hardening of components – but rather through software that allows the computer to survive radiation-caused flaws or errors.

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Digg This: Talking to Gen Y CEO Jay Adelson’s tips for communicating with the younger generation in your workplace.

According to research compiled by RainmakerThinking and quoted in USA Today, Gen Y—the millennium generation—has high expectations for itself and its employers, seeking highly engaged managers to help them grow and develop their professional skills.

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