Christmas Is a ‘Sham,’ Says Pope Francis

With this crazed progressive Pope, Catholicism is a sham.

With All the World at War, Christmas Is a ‘Sham,’ Says Pope Francis

Grinch Pope

Grinch Pope

Christmas is doing just fine.

Kotaku Will Now Have to Pay for Games, Like Customers! Oh No’s!

I knew there would be some fallout (snicker) after the SJW Game Journos starting accusing Bethesda of male chauvinism based on the promo for Fallout 4 featuring a man as the character. When anyone who was remotely familiar with the franchise knows that you can create your character in any way you like, (male, female, big, small, fat, thin, skin tone, hair color …. everything).

Blacklisted Kotaku Whines: We Have to Pay for Games, Like Street Level Riff Raff!

If the game journos don’t know that basic fact, how accurate are they in any other part of their coverage. Kotaku has beclowned themselves as game reviewers and thus have zero credibility.

How Silicon Valley Made Big-City Housing the Cause of and Solution to Inequality

It was Alpha tested in Michigan, and is currently Beta testing in Illinois!

How Silicon Valley Made Big-City Housing the Cause of and Solution to Inequality

Sunnydale housing project


Hmmm housing projects, what a novel idea! Lets file away those poors in cheaply built housing structures, surely that’s never been tried before. This is going to be so great!

Trump: Obama is “not going to stop” at just a handful of Syrian refugees.

A FOX commentator said the 200K number Trump presented in an interview had “No basis in fact”.

syrian+refugees+genericDonald Trump On Breitbart News Daily: Obama A ‘Bad President,’ He’s ’Not Going To Stop’ At Just 10,000 Syrian Refugees

It’s funny, the UN said that they want the US to take 65,000 more Refugees next year, in addition to all those that are already here. In the tiny fine print the UN also wants the US to take 65,000 in ’17 and ’18 as well. Continue reading

Halo 5: Guardians … A Great Big Disappointment

I cranked through the extremely short campaign, and although I didn’t hate it, I would have to agree with every criticism in this review.

‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Review: Not Worthy of the Mantle

My overall impression is that 343 wanted to make a Call of Duty clone, which was never what any Halo version was before.

The most unfortunate thing is that almost everyone on my friends list has already pretty much entirely given up on Halo 5 multi-player. With less and less friends playing, I also play much less Halo 5 multi-player.
In fact, Continue reading