National Review Clown Car … Spits Out More Clowns


Apparently Trump supporters who are supporting Trump are just “like Marxists” to Jonah Goldberg.

After Years of False Alarms, the ‘Conservative Crackup’ Has Arrived2016_Republican_Clown_Car_Parade_-_Trump_Exta_Special_Edition

Trump will leave the GOP “Fundamentally Transformed” win or lose. That IS a good thing.


National Review Beclowns Itself

Before you read the NRO anti Trump article, remember something; A bunch of these NRO pointy heads were the same group who got together for dinner (at George Will’s house no less!) with President Obama in 2009 and then all wrote glowing articles about what a great bipartisan guy Obama is going to be after the ’08 election.clowns

Why We Lose: National Review Launches Victorian-Era Attack On Donald Trump

So pardon me if I don’t take anything that the National Review writes seriously (for eight or ten years actually). The National Review writers have just self identified as simply another group of Journo-list neo-progressive hacks.

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Oh! Those Kids These Days!

Oh! those kids these days!

Millennials: The Curated Generation

Is that the first time the author ever heard any girls under the age of thirty talk?millennials

Tech use by kids is not the problem with millennials nor post millennial  youngsters, (what are they called?) many of whom already use iPads in grade school…. Why would anyone want to lessen the use of tech tools by kids at all? You wouldn’t dream of telling a kid that his or her half hour of math puzzle solving or book reading for the week is up. Continue reading

The Satellites! They Are Lying To Us!!!

As soon as I saw Michael “Hide the Decline” Mann’s face, I knew that this entire video was yet another attempt by Mann and his cohorts to hide yet another temperature decline.

Climate Alarmists Invent New Excuse: The Satellites Are Lying

Obama Satellite Readjustments ... Thanks to:

Obama Satellite Readjustments … Thanks to:

Bastardizing science for fun and for research grant profits!  That’s who Mann & co. is and it’s what Mann & co. does. I can’t blame him, scare mongering is a lucrative business indeed! Ask Al Gore.